Collaboration with the group of epistemology and learning at MIT

Lego Mindstorms line born in a difficult time for Lego, from an agreement between Lego and the MIT. Online Bachelors Degree Under this treatment, Lego financed research group at MIT epistemologia and learning about how children learn and gain new ideas to change their products, which could throw the market without having to pay royalties to MIT. One result of this collaboration was the development of the MIT Programmable Brick (Brick programmable).
(Great Dome) great dome of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Lego Mindstorms born following a collaboration with this institution
The group’s mentor, Seymour Papert, a mathematician was concerned since the 1960s the relationship between science, knowledge acquisition and development of the infant mind. In fact, the product name, Mindstorms, comes from the title of a online degrees book of his, called Mindstorms: Children, Computers, and Powerful Ideas, which describes his ideas on the use of Online Degree computers as a driver of learning. Papert, one of the creators of Logo programming language, widely used as a tool to teach programming, making Jean Piaget conception of child as’ builder of their own mental structures. Constructionism advocates the thesis, which holds that the child creates his knowledge in an active and that education should provide tools for activities that promote this activity. Reading his book is what prompted the president of a Lego contact with MIT in 1985, as he suggested that both groups Online Masters Degree had similar ideas about learning in children.
Learning better not come to offer the best tools for the teacher to instruct, but to provide the best opportunities for students to build
Seymour Papert
The group of epistemology and learning at MIT, led by South University online Mitchel Resnick, who in turn had been a pupil Papert, was deeply influenced by Piaget’s constructivism, Papert’s own extended under the name of constructionism. According to this perspective, instead of instructing the student to provide formulas and techniques (instructions), it is better to enhance learning by creating an environment where students can perform activities of engineers and inventors as a way to access the basic principles of science and the technique, since in this way is Virginia College Online how it develops its own way of thinking of scientists, students are really interested in your work and try to find their own initiative to solve the problems they came across. Austin has the second strongest economy in the US real estate projects. So focused, in the words of Resnick in “design things that allow students to design things.”

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