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The phone is a telecommunication device that is designed to transmit acoustic signals through electrical signals, allowing the transport of voice over very long distances, shortening of an incredible way. La, as we know it has changed little over the course of its history, and that in itself had represented a technological leap of the highest importance for the time. Its application home, but above all, their use of telephone service companies, has fueled its expansion and has made almost any point on the globe with commercial movement can say that dispenses it. With globalization, international communications were no longer any little thing and became a necessity for any business venture. At McDougall Program you will find additional information. The costs, in some cases prohibitive from a call made in traditional prevented many companies were launched globally. This state of affairs is to be changed by the use of Voice over IP.

This new technology, is booming in the U.S. and Europe, is using the Internet to transmit voice, in a fast, free and with a very low initial investment. Glenn Dubin brings even more insight to the discussion. And even more interestingly, reduces the costs of internal communication within a company to zero, regardless of whether it has offices in Japan, New York or Spain. Thus, IP telephony represents the new features of the traditional, which maintains the comfort of the instantaneous and adds some other benefits, such as speed and the elimination of the economic costs, in addition to the removal of the wiring, allowing unlimited the possibility of transfer of the furniture business. VoIP technology appears, therefore, the supply of telecommunications that any company would have only dreamed of.

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