The new opera building in Cairo.
Cairo has many universities, theaters, monuments and museums: the most important is the Egyptian Museum, located in Tahrir Square, which houses the world’s S. . Mr. ‘s sons best collection of objects from ancient Egypt. in 1968 Currently is considering a transfer to a larger building, erected in the area of Giza.
The epicenter of cultural life in Cairo is the National Cultural Center, a complex of Antiquities cultural buildings devoted to theater, dance, opera and music, on the island of Gezira. This emphasizes the active center of Cairo, inaugurated on October 10, 1988 by President Hosni Mubarak and hosting a concert by the London Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in January 2007 in what was his first performance in the Middle East and Africa. Classical music tends to be predominant in the operation of the city, but also easy to enjoy classical music arabe, although this is most widespread in the Arab Music Institute, located in Ramsis Street. the head of the galleries A must for music in the city is the Festival of Arabic Music, held in early November at the Cairo Opera. In this cultural complex are six other theaters and auditoriums. The operation replaces the current operating Khedivial, or also known as the Royal Opera House, a building that was erected in 1869 and remained active until 1971.
The former operates or operates Khedivial Ali and Hicham Real.
The performances of folk dance usually performed in the sculptures opera ballet company in Cairo, especially in major hotels in the city. It is also a notable cultures event in the Cairo agenda of the annual dance with the Bolshoi Ballet. The belly dancing and Sufi dancing, but known in the Western world as the dance of the dervishes rotating, are two of the most popular dances in the city.
One of the most important cultural events in the city is Cairo International Festival, which gathers hundreds of films from various countries during December, making it one of the most important film festivals in the world. Cairo, formerly known as “Hollywood East,” lost the capital status of film in favor art history artifacts of East Indian Bollywood. there are many times that our eye will catch a work of art, and then for professional advice Censorship remains, even today, customary at the festival although it has collected since its inception in 1976, to superstars such as John Malkovich, Nicholas Cage, Morgan Freeman, Bud Spencer, Gina Lollobrigida, Ornella Muti, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Oliver Stone and Catherine Deneuve.
Cairo home theaters, the vast majority of Hollywood super productions with subtitles in Arabic. Local products also enjoyed success in the population of Cairo. These films are usually shot in the majors or in Misr Al-Ahram, both close to the pyramids of Giza. National independent film is unpopular even among Cairo and cinemas is only Good News Grand Hyatt and Hilton Ramses projecting this type of cinema.
In the literary history scene, notes about Naguib Mahfouz, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1988, the “Cairo Trilogy” is the work that renaissance. The writer achieved great success among local critics after the first editions in archaeology. There is little or no overlap with antiques 1956 and 1957, but even more when they were translated into English in 1990. However, despite the success and literary fame gave to the city, the famous writer was stabbed in 1994 by fundamentalists. And that was the subject of anger and pressure from the fundamentalists who accused him of blaspheming against Muslim world. He died in 2006 as a result of a bleeding ulcer.
Another key figure in Cairo is writing Nawal el-Saadawi, who founded the Association of Arab Women’s Solidarity and wrote extensively on Arab society. Like his colleague Mahfuz, el-Saadawi was severely criticized and persecuted by Islamic extremists, forcing his departure to the United States, where he has taught at various universities. Came to be imprisoned during the is exhibiting Sadat regime civilizations .
Some of the most important dates and events in the cultural scene Brothers Ali and is the Cairo Book Fair, during the month of January at the Exhibition Grounds in Cairo, the International Song Festival in Cairo in August ancient Egyptian antiquity or the Festival of Experimental Theater in September.

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