Electric Bikes

Electric bicycles? Electric – assisted bicycles-(b-e – to) are bikes with an electric motor that guarantees the displacement. The electric bicycle differs from a conventional bicycle by having three complementary components: an electric motor, a battery and a controller. Unlike a bike or a scooter, electric bicycle rides are with the help of pedals, as soon as its maintenance excluding electrical components, is not unlike a conventional bicycle maintenance. -When you are in electric bicycle, you can enjoy all the pleasures of riding as a normal bike and without much effort can overcome the 50 km using the pedals. -The load capacity of your slippage – A depends on the mains and not the price of oil.

-Another advantage of the b-e – A, ease of maintenance. To recharge the battery that runs only needed an outlet, while it takes him home as a bicycle normal-if the battery charging has finished, you can continue with the pedals. – Quiet, not like a bike, it does not pollute the air with exhaust fumes, is simple and inexpensive to maintain. Your electric bicycle, as well as a conventional bicycle, can store in her home, in an apartment, there is no smell of oil and gasoline. -Can travel with their slippage – A on the train. -The electric assisted bicycle allows you to adjust your workout surpassing inclines and distances, even if the people are not trained. -In spite of the presence of motor, electric bicycle is regarded as a normal bicycle and this fact does not need insurance and records, is one of the most affordable types such as hybrid vehicles. Parametrosmotor power: 180W-250WCargador: 220V/50 Hz battery (accumulator): of 24V/3Ah to 36V/10AhTiempo load: 4 to 8 h speed: up to 25 km/h distance trips without recharging: 30 to 60 km.

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