European Commission And European Union Share In Bavaria Limousines Chauffeur To

The European Union and Commission, should be sought in organizing events and shows more committed to it and compare offers, and at last if only for reasons of Accountancy at the cheapest entscheiden.Zuletzt was in April 2007 organized an event called Patinnova 07 at the present, including guests such as Angela Merkel, Guenter Verheugen, Alain Pompidou and other celebrities from politics and economy were the VOK DAMS GROUP, 18 and 19 Align April this year for the European Patent Office (EPO) in Munich was allowed. The occasion was the European Patent Forum, which Patinnova 07 and the presentation of the European Inventor of the Year awards. In a Europe-wide open invitation to tender, the VOK DAMS Gruppe aus Wuppertal – one of the leading international agency for events and live marketing – with its high-profile Munich team prevail against competitors and with its concept for the three-part event on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the European Patent Office berzeugen.Vierspectacularly staged scenarios in the fields of economy, society, geopolitics and technology were the focus of the European Patent Forum, which was expected to be approximately 300 participants. Presented is the multimedia displays the possible development of intellectual property and patents in the next 20 years. Highlights put as high-profile panel discussions and speakers Angela Merkel (Chancellor and EU President), Gnter Verheugen (Vice-President of the European Commission) and Alain Pompidou (President of the EPO). Thus it happened that the company Bavaria Limousines in Munich & the world chauffeur services and limousine service offering, was allowed to perform this fragile shuttle and transfer services. Multilingual chauffeurs and excellent fleet of vehicles had this constant companion of the event participants. This conference started on 19 April, the second event, part of the 07th Patinnova The biennial meeting of the EU Commission to discuss current and future issuesintellectual property for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Lectures, workshops and a discussion forum in the form of this marketplace enabled the exchange between experts, professionals and interested people from industry, politics and the patent system. Social highlight of the two-day event was the third part, the presentation of the European Inventor of the Year awards. At a gala evening of the 18th April, with around 500 invited guests, was awarded the prize in four categories: Industry, SMEs / Research, Non-European countries and lifetime achievement. The Award – 2006 awarded for the first time in Brussels – was officially handed over this year in the ICM (International Congress Center Munich). The ambitious program included in addition to the awards gala dinner, an elaborate show with live music acts, and an awards show after-party. Comments from the trade press as a whole rated the event very successful event and stressed the signaller by Bavaria Limousines, which rounded off the event in its perfection only ineveryone’s lips was.

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