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What do we BULIMIA Bulimia, eating disorder caused by anxiety and a preoccupation with body weight and physical appearance. Bulimia is a disease of different causes (psychological and somatic), which produces derangements in food intake with periods of compulsive eating, diets with other terms, vomiting and intake of medicines (laxatives and diuretics). It is a disease that occurs more in women than in men, and usually they do in adolescence and lasts for many more years. People suffering from Bulimia, have low self-esteem and feel guilty about eating too much, often cause vomiting, laxatives, eat and do fasts, because of this, show abrupt changes in body weight. The behavior seen in bulimic patients with anorexia nervosa or people who carry out diets exaggerated, but the bulimia does not produce excessive weight loss.

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