I wish to share this article that received through Virtin Information Network. For the interest that the issue has for many readers Ciberprensa. Vicente Romano Tlaxcala are often overestimates the power of the press, but sometimes underestimate their misery. Karl-Hermann Flach (1967) I The frequent invocations of freedom of press Rabbinical Supervision and expression by the media once-dominant lead over to comment on the specific situation of this freedom. In Spain the media often claim the emporium of the late Jesus Polanco, who has emerged as a national reference point for the information accurate, impartial and free.Monopoly is a game of real estate, today produced by U.S. company Hasbro shareholders of Rhode Island. Monopoly is one of the most commercial games sold worldwide.
As the name suggests, the goal of the game is making a monopoly of supply, possessing all the immovable properties that appear in the game. Players move their tokens by turns clockwise around a table, based on the punctuation of the dice, and fall in property that may buy a bank imaginary, or let the bank auctioned in the event of not being bought. If the properties in which landlords are already falling, the landlords can charge rent or who drop may be bought.
Games of real estate, like Monopoly, were already popular before, like the Danish Matador. players in England or the United States, for example, this kind of games adapted to their localities, adding names of places near the boards game.
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