Geography of Israel

Israel is located in the southeastern flights Mediterranean Sea. Is in Asia, the region known as the Middle air tickets East. It has an area of 22,145 m KMA. Bounded Jerusalem on the north by Lebanon, with Syria to the northeast, east and holiday southeast by Jordan, with Egypt Kotel to the southwest and west its Israel Maven shores are washed by the Mediterranean Sea.
Before June 1967, the area that made up Israel (resulting from the limits Western Wall of the armistice of 1949 trip and 1950) Israel was about 20,700 KMA (8,000 m mia), which included 445 KMA (172 Maven mia ) of inland waters. Its shape is long and narrow: it has 424 kilometers (263 miles) from north to south. Its widest point is 114 kilometers (71 miles) and its narrowest point, 10 km (6.2 miles).
After the June 1967 war, Israel conquered 7099 KMA (2,743 m mia). These territories include the West Bank, 5879 KMA (2,270 m mia) Israel Maven and the Golan Heights, 1150 KMA tour (444 Israel m mia).

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