Rio Mind
The municipal district is located in an area of transition between the uplands to the east and the river valley T mega, which overhang the southern heights of the Sierra de Penas Libres Vilardev s and the north of the Sierra Seca A Gudi a. Its terrain is characterized by an undulating surface in which are mixed and combined a series of river valleys and hills, with an average altitude of 600-800 m. Flagstones and shales, with some quartzite banda, are the materials that compose the substrate Lithology. On its edge are the higher elevations, situated in the Urdineira (1148 m) to the N, Castelo da Pena (941 m) and Alto das Ferrerias (924 m) to the southwest, within the limits Vilardev s with and within the municipal territory multiple alignments of hills from west to east with heights that do not exceed the 1000 meters: As Touza (943 m), Porto two Bois (868 m), Xermil (930 m), As Canelas (731 m).
It is popularly said that in Galicia there are about ten thousand users, you also counting the small races, and that the earth was shaped by these flows of water. Rios is also in countless threads that descend slightly crystalline hills and creeks, and flows into other streams of higher flow. By volume of water in the town highlighting the rivers Mind, Arzoo and Marcelin. The three are part of the Douro river, after passing the border with Portugal. A singular, orographic and hydrographic, once defined by Ramon Otero Pedrayo: “The Mind Rio broad slopes and points out the beginning of a plain good labradios groves and the road crosses As Vendas da Barreiro, on the rule of forms Pena declined chest and even courageous in the helplessness and loneliness of the mountain that is sierra. The hills of Santa Baia Progas and selected rivers of the banda Verin. Fuma a and on the slope from Verin, reliefs began to Rios at the direction of water down to earth and Portuguese VILARI O related to land and saw Vilardeb Penas Libres, is already a clear farmland. The main town of Rios-Castrelo de Cima, Castrelo of Abaixo, Florderrei Novo, at the center of the valley, Maialde, Berrande, Soutochan-wrapped in forests and groves and vineyards to enjoy some pastors largess. islets are georgica or constellations in the world of the shepherd … “
The climate is oceanic mountain town, although with certain nuances Mediterranean. The average temperatures are recorded here are around the 10A C. The winters are usually cold and summers mild. In the winter frosts are frequent and rainfall is about 1200 mm, with snowfall in areas of higher altitude.
In its flora is the chestnut tree, which grows rich and powerful in this land, which is easy to find copies centenarians. It seems they are here since time immemorial, since the notes with the names and locations A Pena do Souto, Souto na Chaira O, O Souto, Marcelin district, or places such as rivers Tameiron O Souto, Souto da Arza Os, with Castanos centenarians (Rios / Marcelin), O Souto Grande to where the party of former Rios (15-16 August), O Souto (Castrelo de Cima), O Barato Souto (Pena do Souto), O Souto (Navallo) O O Souto and Souto de Mi ambres (PROG), O Concello do Souto (VILARI O das Touza), O Souto das Chair (Florderrei), or do Souto Civil (Romariz) ‘Not in vain, the municipal coat of arms looks a luxuriant brown.
Forest and rangeland oaks thrive and grow well here as other species of scrub broom, fennel, etc.. and other varieties of riverbanks.
The different species of fauna here are a habitat conducive to their development. Mammals, birds, reptiles and other animals have been smaller and have their presence here, stereotyped local toponymy, among other places exist so as Aguieira A, O Val bankruptcy, do Lobo Pozo O, A Cigona A shovel with Osa or Val de Corzo in Castrelo of Abaixo A Fraga da Raposa, or Val da Culebra, As Raposeira OR Foxo (trap wolves for hunting), or Val da Abelleira O Raposo de Cima in Castrelo Os Miot in San Pedro de Trasverea, O and A Fraga Bicheira Palomar in San Paio or Culebra and Val da Raposeira As in Covelas A Lavandeira in Mourisca Val or child of crap and do Gaio A Trepa Penacorveira and A Azureira in Navallo or Foxo in Hair Pedroso, or held in Val das Progo, Os Campos da Zorra in VILARI O das Touza, Os and A Ichos Bicha in Vina da Marcelin, As Corvaceiras in Rios, A Palomar Abelleira O nas Vendas da Barreira or Val and I do Cuco Bubales Chaira na ‘
There is a game that, in addition to all the town extends to the Mount of Sangunedo and Veiga de Nostre. In the presence of large wild game and less: venison, wild boar, rabbit, hare, partridge …

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