George Harrison

George Harrison contributed two songs to the album, including the first number one single by The Beatles that was not one of Lennon and McCartney composition. It was “Something”, a song originally written during the sessions of the white album, and whose first line is based on a James Taylor song ( “Something in the Way She Moves”). George was originally gave Joe Cocker, but then the Beatles for rewritable Abbey Road. “Something” was the favorite subject of all of Lennon’s album, and Frank Sinatra once commented that “Something” was “a favorite song of Lennon-McCartney” (although the song was not written by either of the two). Even said that was the best love song of the last 50 years.
“Here Comes the Sun”, the other contribution of the disk Harrison is another one of their best known songs. Was influenced by the song “Badge” by Cream (co-written by Eric Clapton, George Harrison and Ringo Starr in 1969), was composed in a period in which Harrison had given up the banda (back then), the song speaks George banda feeling of freedom and oppression that brought about the creative McCartney. It is one of the few songs by the Beatles in which John Lennon does not participate in any instrument.

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“Jack Taylor of Beverly Hills” is a fascinating documentary about an unconventional man who dressed most of the male Hollywood stars. Cary Grant was a Taylor-made man, as was Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin and others.

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