History MAPFRE

History MAPFRE born in 1933 as Mutual of Accidents at Work. After the Spanish Civil War in 1944, establishing its headquarters in Madrid and signs an agreement with the National Fund of obligatory health insurance. In 1954 and due to an increase in the cost of medicine and pharmacy, the entity is experiencing a major crisis that comes close to bankruptcy a year later when Ignacio Hernando de Larramendi is the director general of the organization, and performing a sane ndola political control of resources and expenditure. Torre Mapfre, MAPFRE territorial headquarters in Barcelona (Spain) Mutual subsequently diversified its business to other branches of insurance. But with the adoption of the Framework Act on Social Security in 1963 when the Work Accident Mutual cease to be private entities to become partners of Social Security in Spain. In 1966 he adopted the Social Security Act, as private branch of MAPFRE must be separated from the parent company which is now called MAPFRE Employer.In 1973 MAPFRE becomes the mutual insurance group as a matrix (cars) and two subsidiaries MAPFRE Life (personal insurance) and MAPFRE Industrial (other classes). In 1975 the founding MAPFRE. Global Investment in 1977 that becomes MAPFRE International investment groups abroad and in 1981 Central Investment and Loan becomes CORPORATION MAPFRE. In 1983, MAPFRE acquires the status of market leader in the Spanish and began its expansion in Latin America, mainly in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the United States. In 1991, Employers Mutual, which is no longer part of the system to be collaborating institution from 1966 Social Security was renamed Fremap. MAPFRE is the leading Spanish insurance, covering financial, insurance, reinsurance, property and services, being one of the largest Spanish companies by revenue and profits. Since 2001 MAPFRE President Jose Manuel Martinez. Its headquarters are located in Majadahonda, Madrid.MAPFRE in 2006 began a process of demutualization, which led the organization to become a corporation and the company with greater shareholder of Spain. All the company’s business were integrated into MAPFRE SA, still controlled most of the actions company by the Fundaci n MAPFRE. In January 2008, MAPFRE absorbs Valenciana Mutual Automobile business.

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