The treadmills and elliptical trainers are two of the most wanted household equipment while the latter has entered into scene not long ago. The main reason is that they provide an amazing aerobic conditioning and are a fun and safe alternative for exercise at home with the family. When you compare elliptical with tapes the first difference you notice is that the elliptical offer an exercise that has no impact on the joints. Then there are no impact against the floor can become the alternative for those who need a good intensity exercise, but who suffer from problems in the joints. On the other hand the tape provides impact, which in turn helps strengthen bones. An obvious point in favour of the treadmills is that they provide better training for racers or enthusiasts of the jogging to the elliptical machine. If you train for a marathon 10 k and you don’t want to / you can leave your House, certainly that will be much better to train on a treadmill.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a conditioning cardiovascular quality with the greatest efficiency possible, personally I put a point in favor of the elliptical. The majority of elliptical machines will give you an exercise for the entire body if the machine that you choose has handlebars that accompany the movement of the legs. While the treadmill only will give you a conditioning concentrate mainly on your lower train. But what is interesting of the elliptical is the lack of impact on the joints allows its user to burn the same amount of calories than a tape but with the advantage that the perceived exertion is very less. Why an advantage? Basically because you can burn more calories with only a minimum of effort. This is why the elliptical is the choice of older adults, but it is also for people that we want to reduce our percentage of body fat. Finally, a feature that many ellipticals now include is its ability to add variety to your exercises.

With different levels of resistance, with the possibility of attaching the handlebar or not, and even some that come with a seat emulating vertical bicycles, put the elliptical walkers at the same level as the treadmills, although personally I would put it on a higher step, the possibility of exercising in reverse is another great added value. For its part, the great plus of tapes, especially of the motorized, is the inclination and the possibility in some models increase the intensity by tilting it a few degrees. Whatever, the evaluation between one and the other depends exclusively on you. Everyone has theirs and great potential, so when choosing come into play your experience, but mainly your tastes and objectives. Here you will find more tips and comparisons, as well as examples of exercises for one and other. Tapes of walking and elliptical walkers.

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