How Important Are The Muscles For Martial Arts

The exact relationship between muscles and martial arts alone is therefore difficult to define because there are a number of martial arts, some of which have very little in common. Muscles alone, in the sense of raw power, but not much use in a combat sport hardly anything. You can build as many muscles as you only want without having the right technology, they are useless. The right combination of strength, technique and ability to react in many martial arts, the decisive factor, which require different combat sports here, with different focuses. In general, it is also true: not the muscle brings success in martial arts, but with the increasing skills in martial arts to build the appropriate muscles. Separate muscles and martial arts can not. The best footwork and stroke technique use a boxer nothing if not the necessary strength is in shock. In other martial arts such as judo, jiu-jitsu, or fencing the muscle moves very much in the background, but not necessarily matter. Soare different as the martial arts, as different are not only its effect on the muscle, but also the demands on the muscles. Even if you are a boxer, initial training in various karate techniques and also into sumo wrestling, or kendo, or any other martial art, he will have only limited success with his muscle. Even if he stood with a karate fighters at a level in terms of muscle, he is unlikely to be set in a position to its strength in the same way. The key to the combination of muscles and martial arts is, therefore, simply the term “functional strength”. Besides some basic force, a basic fitness, martial arts is primarily to build muscle, which he for his basic techniques needed for its martial arts. This can be strength in the legs or arms for kicks and blows, but also strength in the abdomen and back for shots, and just such resistance.

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