Luis Montero – new paint

The recent edition of Voices, the cultural magazine of Lima No. 38 becomes a contributor in terms of publishing the work of nineteenth-century painter Luis Montero at present, for the first time unknown canvas. This is in Cajamarca Atahualpa and Pizarro and Atahualpa’s capture. Such input has been released by its owner Mariana Pease Mold of the art historian Marco Cabrera Ivan Hernandez and determines an unprecedented event in the history of Peruvian art. It should also be remembered that with this new painting, continues the work of Hernandez Cabrera wearing a fruitful work in their research on Montero. In 2004, he found the doctoral thesis of Atahualpa’s Funeral Arturo Montoya, dated 1904 and known in academic circles themselves. In an unprecedented published in 2007 in El Comercio, the image of the painting La Lima in the hammock, released first published in a national and international levels. And just to make news again be chosen to disclose this important new contribution in the cultural journal Voices. According to Cabrera, a finding that there is still cause a stir around the artistic work of the painter Piura. However, the greatest contribution of the researcher is in his theory of the Peruvian academic painting of the nineteenth century in which gravitating Montero has a role.His lift in about 300 pages entitled Academicismo and portrait in the paintings of Luis Montero is neat, rounded and exciting. Reveals many silences, mistakes and inaccuracies about Montero. The said copy of Voices, has an article short but decisive as to what has researched Montero Cabrera. Although his main job is not yet published, the following is a review of their distribution in specialized academic circles: Invited to the chair of nineteenth-century Peruvian art, career course taught by Professor Hilda Barentz the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. Invited to the Table Rodondo Thesis Project (2008). Professional Academic School of Art. Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. 2008. Invited by the Pinacoteca Municiapal, Ignacio Merino Metropolitan Municipality of Lima to inaugurate the series of conferences of Art. 2009. Rapporteur of the Third Symposium of History of Art Peruvian Maria Luisa Saco Miro Quesada, organized by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities – MA in Peruvian and Latin American Art – Academic Department of Art – Art School Academic Professional. 2009

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