Martin Kargebauer

Each selection step is illustrated with an advance view of the desired fixie version and the current price displayed. Thanks to modern programming standards, page also smartphones and tablets such as the iPad or iPhone is compatible. The snake rides website is technically at the highest level and this only allows the customization of the desired bicycle. The rest happens naturally when snake rides then still quite similar: the base-fixie frame are powder coated only according to the orders according to RAL colours and then she equips desire meet founder Dieter Beck as the third member of the group in the company’s own workshop with the components. Urban trend is now it chic to the bike after the style of life that is green, especially in the cities, with the wheel to drive, as driving becomes increasingly attractive in the major cities.

Young adults took the car less and less. With 18 years of driving, has not longer top Priority. Dr. Martin Kargebauer comes to this conclusion by the Institute of transportation of the Karlsruhe Institute of technology (KIT), which annually conducts the German mobility Panel for Germany around 1500 people are questioned. A way of explanation for this behavior is the proliferation of the Internet, with many transactions can be done online. Also the bike evolved increasingly becoming a status symbol of for 18 to 35 year olds, especially in the urban image of the city there are more and more young people who want to move from ideological or economic reasons prefer a stylish bike and with its own muscle power.

Thus snake is located fully in the trend of Collnessfaktor included. And it speaks even more to ride a bike: it of cheap, healthy, very flexible and causes no emissions. About snake rides: The online store is the 01.05.2011 started and was of the two online specialists Patrick Schindler and Jan Rembold, as well as the bicycle entrepreneur Dieter Beck founded. The company is headquartered in Endingen located near the bicycle city of Freiburg im Breisgau. In accordance with the philosophy, your bike design as it should be”let fixie – single speed individually put together or bicycles up and order directly. A considerable number of orders already exist the Start-Up, which mostly marketed via social networks and enjoys already growing notoriety.


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