Narrator: The narrator plays an important role in the anime. What they think the characters and sometimes talk to them breaking the fourth wall, puts his other leg and was angry with him or threaten him or just laugh at them when they do something wrong. This leads to situations of comedy. It was demonstrated in the visible new chapter year. His face was covered by a black cloth with a giant white N. Appeared to congratulate the viewers, but was returned to his job at gunpoint by Giror.
Angol Mois (Angol Mois, Angol Mois’) is the niece of the planet and comes Keroro Angol. Is king of terror came to Earth on a prophecy to destroy it. Dictated the prophecy would come to earth in July 1999 but came to 500 years in advance and I to sleep. Did not wake up on time and arrived five years late and at the end, in order of Keroro not destroy the planet. Va pokopense disguised, disguise that I copy to a young woman named Asami karateka while he was defending his friends in a fight. Yet, in its original form is very similar to humans. Have a cellphone that turns into the Vara Launches Satan or Lucifer (name changed from the first chapter) and it can make the final attack “Supreme Technique: Armaggedon.” Have a smile with the dust that makes Tamame that he always tries to deceive, “or he faces.” When speaking, use much Fillers “or” behind, and she always made a sentence. In his spare time, after helping with chores Keroro, is dedicated to gathering information and studying the surface of the Earth and its tectonic plates to find the exact point where you must hit to leave the planet in two equal halves.
Girl ghost, Omiya (yorei shojo, Phantom Girl ‘) is the ghost of a girl who lives in the home of the Hinata. It is located in the wall of the room Keroro. Is there because, long ago, it was a jail and she was unjustly imprisoned there until he died. Accompanies them on holiday to the private island of Momoko. She tries to draw attention to him, but when they do, they become sad. Often did things to recognize that, as objects move, put a fan or eat dessert, but never suspected it. In one chapter, conto throughout its history, it has to do with Kappa that one day he saw wounded and safe. Then, the villagers locked the village to save a monster. After some time in jail, the villagers forgot it, but the Kappa came to save her. The Kappa, to save one of his enemies, he went straight to heaven, leaving only his hat, which she keeps. When told the story, Keroro was present, and the hat was tested. With the post, it seemed to Kappa and then the girl began to disappear ghost to rest in peace. But there Natsumi, Fuyuki, Nishizawa, the rest of the troops Keroro and Koyuki. Koyuki Then you throw a spell that made them break the hat and the girl remain in the ghost world. Even so, she was happy, because it went very well, and looks to be recognized.
Grandma Hinata (Hinata Akina): Aki’s mother. Live in the countryside. Meet all the frogs and they are much appreciated. To the troops, the grandmother is very important and call Dona Admiral.
La Gatita (Neko Koneko or, in Japanese): It’s the cat that picked Giror away from the rain. Living with him in his shop and is very fond. It is white and has pink eyes big and bright. Feels rivalry with Natsumi, who considered rival for the love of Giror because this love with him. Twice had specific episodes, thanks to an invention of Kururu, became human to help Caporal but that it knew.
Nontroma: They are a race of intelligent beings that live deep in a pit marina, more than 5100 meters. These people returned to the ocean, as the venue from which they came. The series went Nontroma a girl on the beach that was completely human appearance, but did not speak. When the water got in, we went and had a tail like a mermaid. Their territories are the ocean and love the sea.
Kogoro:One of the best friends of Keroro, was already playing together in their childhood. Kogoro space is a detective. I reach for Keroro Pokopen. Are without work and survives on money that her sister gets Rabi. Always laughs and seems to be happy with a brusque and inexpressiveness gestures that make you look stupid, but rabies is the only one who can really know what they feel. His number is 556.
His skills are “membership”, which consists of wearing helmets in 0003 nanoseconds space and “Kogoro Organic”, which calls a sword of light in their hands.

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