Of course your energy costs will be influenced by your choice of that offers the same quality of product, yet different service and costs Each system has different yields. green energy and the state of the environment for in the marketplace of energy suppliers and energy products Typical of a photovoltaic cell (isolation) of polycrystalline silicon ranging around 10 . For monocrystalline silicon cells, with values ranging in 15 . The highest was obtained with .com solar thermal collectors at low temperature (which can reach 70 of transfer of solar thermal energy).
Also, the solar thermal low temperature, with the new development system, is around 50 in its early versions. It has the natural gas advantage that can operate 24 hours energy costs a day on electricity ESCO the basis of stored water during the hot sunshine.
Then, the system disk Stirling (30-40 ). As an added benefit, the residual heat can green energy be reaprovechado cogeneration.
Solar photovoltaic panels have, as we have seen a return of around 15 and do not produce heat that can reuse, but there are lines of research on hybrid panels to generate electricity and heat simultaneously. However, they are very suitable for installation in roofs and simple self-electrification projects in rural areas with no electricity network, but its price is still high. To encourage the development of technology to achieve parity-match the price for obtaining the solar energy to other cheaper sources at present, there are bonuses to the gas production, which guarantee a fixed price of purchase by the electricity grid. In the case of Germany, Italy or energy Spain.
It is also studying to obtain energy from photosynthesis of algae and plants, with a yield of 3 .
According to the study 21A eighth World Energy Council, by 2100 70 of energy consumption will be of solar origin.

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