(From L to creation of Adam (1511) by Michelangelo) “If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, infinite.For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things through narrow chinks of his cavern. “(Blake in The Marriage of Heaven and Hell (1790-1793) For Collective lyrics I n the classroom there is neither enough time nor space to discuss issues which might be of interest to students, teachers or students-students. The rapid development cycles, Actividaes, workshops, exams and so on, does not leave us room to hear views that are beyond the guidance teachers give to the subjects or the requirements of the program chair. For example, speaking of books, authors, comments to the speech of this or that group, and so on. not considered in the subject content.Do not say discuss and debate aspects of everyday life in which we inhabit, whether political (elections on the way) cultural (destruction of archaeological sites as “The Change” in OPIC), the University Institutional (refusal to purchase library Jose Maria Mendez) or any other kind. That’s why the initiative of students and faculty of the Section of Letters at the UES FMO comes this blog, with the suggestive title of phrase, meaning this term in its broadest sense any group or set of words regardless of the subject dealing, but with a definite estructuta.Magazine is said, because the public expected to contain the basic prototype of a journal article, based on observations of reality and opinions based on critical reading of authors. We think of other titles as the Latin littera or Hellenism, grafein, but eventually opted for plural noun phrases, on pain of possible implications or impediments is the linguistic term. Each article should contain the name of the author who signs and keep a healthy respect for the ideas of others and for others (or fallacies to the individual, not personal attacks), it can be tough but soft ideas with . In addition, as this is the only editorial policy is complemented blogg and implies that is taken so seriously the opinions of others who are confronted with reality and theory orthopraxy to discover its truth or falsity. As a corollary to this blog proclaims we should add that to paraphrase Stone (the film The Doors) is us they us to build the new myths. We completed the sentence by saying that one way to begin is the deconstruction. What is the same, Marxism in words the new system is mounted to the ruin of the old regime. Do not forget “… That this is fraught with future”.

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