Attention Verizon cell phones to school groups (guided tours): for Verizon students in nursery, primary and secondary schools.
Additional activities: workshops for children and young people, courses for teachers, teenagers and adults. Beware disabled.
Guided tours: Tuesday through Saturday from 9:30 a.m. 5:30 p.m., in Spanish, English and French.
Shops are located at the sides HTC of the hall, they are selling jewelry, books, postcards, LG slides, textiles, video and reproductions Samsung of works that are part of the museum’s collection, as well Motorola as objects cellular phone plans related to cellular phones arqueologia and cell phones ethnography candy bar phone of Mexico.
Restaurant: is located on the ground floor of the Museum. It is a service concession, exclusive to visitors.
Cloakroom: located cellular phones next to cell phones the main tent.
Wheelchair, electric stairs, and elevator salvaescaleras: have access to these services for cellular coverage disabled persons. Requested Nokia service to security personnel.
First Aid: In case of need, the slider phone security guards or staff of the museum guide to nursing.
Permission to photograph and video: you wireless phones can not take professional photographs during normal Museum hours. To take video, requires a permit costs to be paid at the entrance. Under no circumstances are wireless providers allowed to use flash or tripod. For professional free phones photography requires a special permit. There is no definite criteria to consider taking professional photographs or not, plans but the security staff in general no problem allowing the use of mobile phones camera mobile phones or small cameras fixed lens (digital or not).
Library is located on cellular providers the top floor of the office area. Not open on weekends.
Parking: two spaces on one side of the museum, with capacity for 294 boxes (and concessions).
Walking cultural tours and cultural tours Verizon to different parts of the Mexican Republic and abroad. Registration is required in advance.

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