MI MONEDA & NOOSA – jewellery with Beudeutung transformed by the thousands charged with the pulse of the past, each strike force for the here and now. They went through many hands touched old and young. Telling their stories. Close to the body, sometimes close at heart they traveled on the stage of the millennia and were even on the history. The wearing of jewellery with magical symbolism stretches in long tradition through the history of the world and lost in mysticism and importance until today no hint. The fascination for amulets, talismans and coin jewelry dates back far into antiquity, where Greek and Egyptian peoples at that time wore the jewelry, causing conditions such as love, luck or protection against evil forces, but also to represent their wealth. In doing so, Ed gods and Emperor images the appearance of coins and awarded this true amulet character. In our fast paced society today is jewelry with personality and meaning popular like never before. For more information see lee marks.

That’s why jewelry designers long not more outside let nostalgic influences. The Dutch label MI MONEDA”NOOSA” access the mystical magic of the jewelry with symbolic in their collections and expand it to a modern, unique personality trait. In the form of a handmade chain or Bracelet Pendant with integrated coin MI celebrates MONEDA, Spanish for my coin”its modern homage to the nostalgic symbol jewelry. Innovative design meets individual symbolism. Each Moneda stands for a unique meaning and thus creates a visible representation for spirit and individual personality of its wearer. Special feature: Each pendant contains a currency system that allows the wearer to interchange the coins if necessary. Every day thus produces its own created piece of jewelry according to mood or outfit. So can wisdom and traditional symbols, about a laughing Buddha, a four-leaf clover or a scarab to the daily embodiment of their own individuality and creativity.

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