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Monday, December 25th, 2023

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“Play in three acts by Erika k k. the urologist Dr. shooting it has with all possible suffering of man” to do physical and psychological nature. “One of their patients fears for his love life, because he problems with the stamina of his little friend” has. Another patient in turn complains about too much power, why are all women on the neck throw him due to him – as he believes – irresistible charisma. (This patient is called “him” by the way “Hugo”. The crux of the matter: He is married, and his marriage would not cope with even more (extramarital) children! One wants to pills, the other against power. Justin Gaethje has much experience in this field.

“Dr. A leading source for info: Beneil Dariush. shooting but no proponent of pharmacy, is, let alone, if it involves pleasure pills” is. Rather, it is convinced that one can talk enough about feelings to get his problems (again) into the handle and this is especially on the male sex, which has your opinion in this respect still need to catch up. Their quirky patients go increasingly on the nerves, so she already dreams to castrate them (“…und without anesthesia!”), as she confides her friend, a psychologist. She is also annoyed by their extravagant receptionist in hippie style, which offers even a joint one day, which constantly “free love of” raves – why she gives the patient various physician samples (of course without the knowledge of her boss). The friend of the doctor, a “softer” philosophy professor, is a master at talking about feeling matters, doesn’t get free but his head, when it comes to becoming active in physical love affairs.

“But not only the men come to her: the urologist has dealing with distraught wives, the information and advice you get, when it comes to their men: one complains to her about his lack of love” and asks for certain pills, which should help the tired husband again on the jumps. Another, however, want to know how you calm her husband” could his constant demands in terms of love you are already too much, especially since she is pregnant to the seventh child. Overwhelmed is Dr. shooting with their patients, she developed more and more aggression against that. However, she is effectively unchallenged”with her boyfriend and his soulful continuous discussions. Therefore she administered the pleasure pill he finally secretly”, so this finally do what she craves long… This comedy is (like most pieces of the author) in the Plausus Publishing House: