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Wednesday, March 9th, 2022

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The program to exit the crisis would be the program that the political leaders should continue to overcome the crisis? 1) Clearly inform people the fact that we live in an era in which we can not survive without unite with all other citizens of the world. atter here. (2) Explain the fundamental principles of nature at its basic level: what is unification, how we can unite us through the mutual granting, what is essential for us, how would the fair distribution of the fundamental needs, etc. Gradually, step by step, people will learn to build new connections at the same time maintaining production and industry. The way to do that is that people receive only what is essential for them and distribute the excess evenly to the rest of the world. Such actions should be implemented in at least one part of the world and allow whoever wants to join to do so, and whoever wants to abstain may do so also. Soon humanity begins to move in this direction will begin to feel an affable nature attitude, since we would be complying with its laws. And when humanity interacting harmoniously with these laws, every company will get positive results. Gradually, following the new sensations and knowledge the world will advance.

The future is in the present all exist on a network that unites us together. That is why we must treat us as if we were on the same boat, or as members of a family. The world is a family, and so it must build harmonious relations of collaboration between us, instead of our current selfish relationships. The general connection between us that is occurring, requires us to agree among us. That means that our actions, thoughts, desires and all the rest, must be consistent. However, nobody knows how to achieve seven billion people to interact harmoniously among them.

And however, the interconnection that is now materializing forces us to do so. This process will continue to grow gradually, step to step. Nobody knows how the next phase will be revealed because that depends on how you make the present phase. For this reason, we need to teach society as a whole the law of mutual interaction that is taking place in the world. This knowledge will enable persons performing the correct actions to reach the future happily. Rav Dr. Michael Laitman is masters in Cybernetics, doctor in philosophy and Kabbalah, Professor of ontology and theory of knowledge.