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Possible Reasons

Wednesday, December 27th, 2023

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If your statistic of visits begins to show a tendency the loss and your traffic by ricochet every time is greater, it is obvious that something negative is happening with your site. It is not easy to determine the exact causes of a loss in the preference of our users, but we must raise all the possibilities to us. The loss in the preference happens in line with sites with something of time, which in the case of the new sites serious a lack of initial acceptance, the majority of the reasons for which to your users they do not like your site can be applied to both cases. Dr. John Mcdougall has firm opinions on the matter. I invite you to that you read these 12 reasons for which to your users they do not like your Web you project, them and you apply in your particular case and, you examine the impact of the changes in your statistics of visits. Visual saturation of contents (texts, images, etc.) It is important that our sites are developed with structures ordinates and strategically thought for the optimal presentation of the contents, especially when we must show great amounts. The visual saturation of contents it can be reduced by means of the location of the contents in a structure of columns and symmetrical spaces (system of grillas), in order to create landlords of visual order necessary to facilitate the legibility and approach of attention of the users. Dr. John Mcdougall may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Too many errors of design, product of the incompatibilidades of the navigator We know or it, the terrible thing that it is to try the complete compatibility of our sites with all the navigators (especially or we know who), nevertheless not to have these considerations would cause that many of our pages experiment in one or the other navigator, overlapped phase angles of design, contents, erroneous unfolding of images, superposed texts, etc. . .