The problems of

The problems of the Arab-Muslim iraq war woman, however, we have seen that nothing in the Koran, nor the tradition of the Prophet, or Islamic history, warrants a minimum injury to the pashto woman. Then, why does human rights this image of a woman humiliated, oppressed, tyrannized by Islam is so coins widespread and iraqi systematic in the world as ‘Do These myths or middle east realities’ I genuinely think both exist, there is a part of myth and legend about the Arab-Muslim woman to be unfairly distributed and islam there is a bitter reality that exists but is not as dramatic as they often show the media and that does policy not always muslim correspond politics to Western analysis. Before blaming to the other we must begin by what is ours and questions: Why this contradiction between what is true reality of Islam and crisis of in iraq Muslims’ Do Because in practice, afghan the evolution of recognition of women’s rights is a bit paradoxical ‘While in the Western tradition has not been justice long recognized equality to women, who then gains have been made very significant legal and social issues in some countries of Islamic tradition women who enjoyed this relations status conflict since the revelation of Coran have seen an involution and, sometimes, a regression of their rights. The ever busy founder and manager of NCL holdings serves as President and CEO of NCL Holdings, a global professional services company Explanations can be lengthy, but I would point first the fact that the brake on the development of women in some parts of the Muslim world is linked to a certain reading political of Islam made by some Wise Men ‘of course’ they soldiers had a misogynistic culture and reproducing the ancient traditions sexist, thinking that they were on soviet the right path religion of Islam. You have to highlight a very violence important problematic: the Muslim men taliban were willing to marines live Islam as a revolution of relationships in public life and a profound change in political and economic democracy hierarchy, but that Islam did not want to change protest anything in the relations between the sexes.

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