Vocational Training

Vocational training, as well as new university degrees undergoes changes that force you to conform adapt to new situations, and the demand for students and companies. More info: David Cordani. The FP has long been undervalued. It was then fostered by many businessmen who were among their classes a nursery of prepared people and specifically in doing specific jobs. Many students cycle accessed these studies and completed the mid-grade were quickly inserted in the labour market. Some were encouraged to continue and are enrolled in vocational training of top grade, a springboard for many that approaching them the University, which did not require proof of access to access. New legislation requires from now to conduct a review before access to university studies.

A law that still has to be revised since, as it now stands, you plant now stops at a distinct disadvantage young people who come from FP front that come high school. The problem is in the model of review that will be just for the students from all modalities, consideration to the FP of subjects who have not studied since high school. Anyway the labor market continues to call specialists in arts and crafts, or other industrial branches of which is statistically proven that has better preparation of the FP that not from the University or from some other type of mode of study. The higher level vocational training remains a good bet very powerful for those who have very clear that he wants to devote himself to a job that requires specialization. Assistants, administrative, business, health, education, areas of technical, artistic, scientific, etc. The interest of each person has its training offer in the FP..

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