What is the thinking that keeps the poor and the middle class where they are Did you know There are many people who want to earn big money. But the majority is not willing to do what is necessary or not understand what difference between working for money and work to multiply the money. Those who work for money and because unlikely to be economically free and own your time Those working for money are the Poor and Middle Class. You know why Then work for money is when people who have been educated to become employed or working for someone else exchanging their knowledge, skill and time to do a job X in exchange for a couple of dollars. In other words someone put them “fixed price” every second, minute and hour of your time. The majority sell an average of 48 hours per week to someone else.Because they work 6 days a week, 8 hours a day. These people are only owners of approximately 16 hours of their time. But 8 of which are designed to sleep. And there are 8 that you subtract the time it takes to commute to their place of work and time to return home. Those working to Multiply Your Money Those working to Multiply Your Money are upper middle class, Alta and the rich. You know why Because they are educated them to be masters of business or investment. And they know that to Multiply Your Money Investing is necessary. And work for that money invested will multiply. What is the difference between making money and Multiply Money “Making money is when money is exchanged for work. Multiply Money-is when and invest in a business that generates profits from the sale of any product or service. Who do the poor and middle class from multiplying your money All I do is not invest money. They just work. Because educating them by telling them that if they have a lot of money they have to work hard and save the most you can. Some people are presented with opportunities to multiply their money but missed by his thinking. Many if someone approaches them offering a business opportunity. But to hear that not only have to work. Please also must invest. They come out with phrases like, “Well I do not want to spend money. What I want is to make money. And just let the opportunity pass. When you invest money in any business that can always be multiplied. Example: If you sold a product. He always raises his value to guarantee a certain amount of profit. And if you sell a service like car repair.The gain is that the customer is charged more than what the mechanic is paid for their work. Since the mechanical sign a contract accepted or happy with winning a “fixed dollar amount per hour. And in both cases. Both the sale of a product as in selling a service is the Business Owner. Anyone who invests their money and multiply it by effort of others. The more people work for a business owner but can multiply their money. And since this person has worked for others. This business owner if you can take vacations whenever and how long you want. And do not even go to work without fear that they will deduct the workday. This person is master of his time. Now I ask you want to do from now on Make Money or Multiply Base your decision will depend on this knowledge you can be master of your time or continue selling it to someone else.

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