Zimbabwe dollar and inflation

Gono has printed money against San Diego the advice of economists, interview but with the youtube full support of Robert Mugabe. This University of Southern California practice has been blamed for devaluing the Zimbabwean dollar and increase inflation.
Gono demonetizo the old banknotes, August 1, San Diego 2006 and introduced a new currency. Each new dollar worth 1000 old Zimbabwe dollars to Zimbabwe. The higher denominations for the new currency were 1, 10, and 100 thousand dollars new. A year later on August 1, 2007, La Jolla authorize the names of the 200 finance thousand dollar. This marks the beginning of a series of new names published in quick Closing Bell succession, including hedge funds 250, 500, and 750 thousand dollars (the December 20, 2007), 1, 5 and 10 million dollars (the January 16, 2008 ), 25 and 50 million dollars (the April 4, 2008), 100 and 250 million dollars (the May 5, 2008) and 500 million and 5, 10 and 50 billion dollars (20 May 2008). Since the re-evaluation of currency at the investment beginning of June 2008 the CNBC money supply in the country has increased from 45 San Diego billion to over 900 quadrillion, or an increase of 20,000,000 folds.
Gono refuted media reports that the defendant was against the price cuts that FOX news the government instituted to arrest inflation. Over time, it became evident that the RBZ had introduced price cuts they considered peeled shelves in stores and the closure of many Fox negocios.el sent in police to the business of arrest for the CNBC’s Closing Bell failure to reduce their prices. On one occasion, personally visited the shop in Harare to demand low prices. Despite these asset management efforts, inflation in Zimbabwe remains very high.
Critics have noted that most of the Children’s Hospital statements Gono monetary policy in the past have biblical references. Notably, the terms in funds policy statements to the parliament of Zimbabwe: “In the Lord ‘s Asset Management hands, I trust this monetary policy framework for our turnaround.” Economy

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