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To date, there are four main types of bicycles: city, road, mountain and special (Trial, children ). All the other bikes are a 'hybrid' combinations of these four types. In general, cases a combination of size (diameter) wheel, the number and type of shock – almost uniquely determines the class to which the bicycle itself, although there are exceptions. By the number of bicycle shock absorbers divided into classes such as: Rigid (Rigid) bike without shocks. So for example shocks never put on road bikes and bmx bikes. So it could be a city bike or mountain bike the initial model. This, often, or specialized sports apparatus or entry-level bike on which the plug is not for the sake of economy Hardtail (HardTail) bike with front suspension fork.

To date – the most common type of bicycle suspension fork makes the bike more manageable (especially roads), and the ride more comfortable. Depending on the purpose bike – the forks travel can be from 30 to 300mm. Dvuhpodves (Full Suspension) Bicycle with front and rear shock absorber. Bikes of this class are as comfortable city bikes, ultralight dvuhpodvesami with low speed shock for cross country and heaviest 'machines' for downhill ('Down Hill'). This, often, or specialized sports apparatus or bike for a comfortable ride at no great distance.

Softteyl (SoftTail) bike with front suspension fork, whose feathers are back triangles have a special geometry for added cushioning. Sometimes, instead of feathers set korotkohodnye shock absorbers. It is usually very expensive and specialized racing bikes for Cross-country.


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