The site – business card: – will find new customers – will raise the image of your company – will be able to evolve and improve. Online business card on the same page Some customers ask to create a site-user of a single page. We must bear in mind that this mini-site will not lead you to new customers. It is also doubtful that the online business card from one page will raise the prestige of the firm. If you need a business card site on the same page as the first stage full-scale corporate web site (or just 'ticking the box') – we are ready to create a corporate site-user from one page. The cost of developing a small website begins with a 5 thousand rubles.

The final cost depends on of elaboration of texts for the site, the availability of ready-to-publication of illustrations and some other factors. Do not forget also that you will need to register the name of the site and pay for the accommodation site on a server – plan cost is about 2 thousand rubles. Free online business card you have no funds to build the site, business cards? It does not matter. Site-business card from one page, you can do yourself completely. This will, of course, not a masterpiece, but it is normal site. To do this, you more or less decently able to work in the editor Word.

Create a Word page of the site as a regular file. Doc. Put it text, pictures, links. Save the file as a Web page – the site is ready. It only remains to choose the name of the site and post it on a paid or free server. If you can not perform these operations, buy a thick textbook on the Word. Everything is painted in detail. Site design, business cards Create small website differs significantly from a full-scale corporate website. On a large site for every two or three search terms can be distinguished on the same page. A site for business cards all the phrases for which your are looking for products and services to potential clients, you need to thread the needle to place all of 3-5 pages. And if these phrases more than a hundred "? Here and find our experience in creating and promoting corporate sites. We have such know-how which are not described in any textbook. On a large site, you can allow some pages were hard to see potential clients – and the online business card, it is unacceptable. Promoting small website promotion and promotion web site, business cards simultaneously easier and harder to promote the full-size site. On the one hand, to promote need only a few pages, but not hundreds. On the other hand, a business card site, each page is 'imprisoned' by more search phrases. The importance of the text on the page, business cards increased many times. It happens that the online business card starts to appear in the first lines of search engine results after only a few experiments with text. Where to start? Do you need a full-site or you are willing to spend money only on a site-user – we recommend you start using the capabilities of Internet marketing from concept development – conceptual design small website. The cost of developing the concept of small website begins with a 5 thousand rubles.

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