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There is controversy surrounding the current president, Eduardo Lopez, because the last presidential election of Newell’s Old Boys was in the year 1994 and since then have not been returned to hold them. The arguments have been ready since contestation of opposing a judicial protections.
There are also sources who question the actions of the Commission Directive, arguing that they do not publish collections of the meetings, and that are supported by groups barrabravas to stay in power as illegitimate. In the year 2006 The Daily Clarin published a report revealing that the club’s barrabravas hold the administration surrounding the Stadium Indoor Stadium El Coloso del Parque, while also made clear that they are part of the management of passes footballers Lower Divisions.
In addition, Lopez was questioned for having dismantled the extracurricular activities of the football club as being deficient, such as amateur sports (basketball, hockey, skating, judo), and the facilities near the stadium that used to be part of the club (grills, swimming pools, tennis courts). To date, these activities are organized by amateur subcommittees outside the administration of the club, and in some cases up to conduct their training at sites outside the club. [ 23]
Including basketball, although his popularity at the club was far from the professional football, it was considered the second largest sport, while amateur. Between the years 1996 and 1999, Newell’s Old Boys compete in the National Climbing Championship, 2nd third division of the National League of Basquet, arriving in the year 1998 to vie for the workout final climb in front of Club Belgrano de San Nicolas. The following year, Lopez sold at the plaza of Newell’s Old Boys in TNA, believing that the club will basquet generated huge economic losses. Since then, that activity has been carried out in amateur, disputing only the third division 2A in the championships of the Association of Rosario Basquet .
During the term of Lopez is a pattern I think additional association to the club: the

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