I go to speak of an easy subject of being understood and used by all. RECYCLING. All in we know that our planet to them this sick person for guilt of the man who lives cutting to the trees, poluindo our waters, ground and air. We can help our planet is very easy, is enough that let us recycle what we use almost everything can be reaproveitado. They see as: The cardboard that we use to pack ours you move can manufactures come back it and if to transform into a new box or another type of packing.

The bottle pet that we drink our delicious cooling one can be reaproveitado in many utilities for our home as: ornaments, serve to make brooms, clothes, books that are more durable of what the normal ones, etc.? Latinha of cooling can manufactures be come back it melted and if it transforms into new latinha, utensils for our home, or if to transform into parts for car as into Germany? The cans of conserves that we also buy (maize, olives, palmitos, candies, mass of tomatoe, etc.) can be reaproveitadas. The plastic canisters that we buy with products of cleannesses for ours homes also are reaproveitadas being melted the plastic and if it transforms into new utensils. Today in our city &#039 exists an association of catadores; ' ASCAPEU' ' that unhappyly it does not function although to have support of the city hall. Its you only lead think about its profit giving damage to the other catadores. What it functions they are the catadores that are not associates ' ' ASCAPEU' '. Many of them are to hiper organized although not to have support of the city hall. They separate and classify the collected material all and order for the plants for the recycling. The mayor not of the no support they, therefore they are of opposition the opinion of the mayor.


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