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Medicinal Plants

Sunday, March 18th, 2018

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One knows that the use of the medicinal plants is so old how much the proper one human being, that it developed the art to cure by means of a closer contact with the nature and of the comment of the animals. At the beginning, the human being used the medicinal plants imitating the animals, observing that they took to reasons to look them definitive plants, therefore when a similar problem acometesse to it, it would know where to find the cure. Later, it followed its proper intuition and comment, but without leaving to imitate the animals its return. The knowledge of the medicinal plants was thus if accumulating, of generation the generation, until arriving in our current times. The use of medicinal plants has been considered one practical one consecrated at diverse times of history human being, whose the accumulation of information, gotten by means of diverse peoples, represents millenia of history. Swarmed by offers, endocrinologist is currently assessing future choices. The area of study, known as etnocincia, gained impulse from the Fifties with some North American authors who had started to develop research, mainly, next to populations autctones of Latin America. ' ' Initially, the studies of the etnocincia had turned toward analyses of lexicographical aspects of the classifications of folk or proper etnoclassificaes and on categories of colors, plants and different kinship of sociedades' ' (DIEGUES, 1996).

For the same author, ' ' . the etnocincia has left of the linguistics to study the knowledge of different societies on the natural processes, searching to understand the underlying logic to the human knowledge on the nature, the taxonomias and classifications totais' '. As DI STASI (1996), ' ' when analyzing the origins of science, affirm that all the historians admit that science if has developed of inquiries and experiments elaborated and executed for the common man, and later, for the specialists of each poca' '.

Sustainable Development

Friday, November 25th, 2016

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According to International Program of Segurana Qumica (PISQ), more than exists 750,000 substances known in the environment, being of natural origin or result of the activity human being. About seventy a thousand daily they are used by the man, and approximately the forty a thousand in significant commercial amounts as data of the IPCS/RPTC. Of this total, it is calculated that only about six a thousand substances they possess a considered evaluation as, minimum, adjusted on the risks to the health of the man and the environment. If you have read about Dr. John Mcdougall already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Added to this scene it is observed capacity of technological innovation in the chemical branch, that disponibiliza in the market, to each year, between a thousand and two a thousand new substances. It is accurately in this context that the concern with the security chemistry, understood as a set of strategies for the control and the prevention of the adverse effect it human being and the environment, decurrent of the extration, production, storage, transport, manuscript and discarding of chemical substances, is inserted in Agenda 21.

As al.6 Hisses et, chapter 30 of Agenda 21 considers the promotion of a clean production, together with the enterprise responsibility, being able to be inserted in this context ' ' Verde&#039 chemistry; ' , also known as ' ' Limpa&#039 chemistry; ' (or Sustainable), whose objective is the adoption of related measures of prevention to the pollution caused for activities in the chemistry area. This strategy aims at to develop methodologies and/or processes that generate the lesser possible amount of residues and minimize the risks to the environment and the human beings. It is verified that the beginning of the 3 R' s (to reduce, to reuse and to recycle), also introduced for Agenda 21, as additional tool to guarantee sustainable development, can widely be applied by the area of chemistry with the same intention. 2.1. Alternatives to be Used in the Area of Chemistry To contribute with the Sustainable Development to reduce or to eliminate happened ambient and economic impacts of the synthetic chemical processes must be adopted the following criteria: to Prevenir the by-product formation is better of what treating them later; to Reduzir the expense of energy, with the purpose to reach energy efficiency; to Adotar power plants, as of microwaves; to Utilizar the ultrasound as technique of energy transference; to Utilizar sources you renewed of energy: sugar cane-of-sugar and biodiesel; to Dar preference the deriving raw materials of sources you renewed; to Empregar reacting alternative appropriate and to increase the selectivity to maximize the use of the departure materials; to Usar reacting catalytic, in place of the stoichiometric ones; to Investir in the preparation of solid catalysers whose great advantage is in its easy separation of the half reacional and in its capacity in being recycled.


Thursday, March 24th, 2016

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I go to speak of an easy subject of being understood and used by all. RECYCLING. All in we know that our planet to them this sick person for guilt of the man who lives cutting to the trees, poluindo our waters, ground and air. We can help our planet is very easy, is enough that let us recycle what we use almost everything can be reaproveitado. They see as: The cardboard that we use to pack ours you move can manufactures come back it and if to transform into a new box or another type of packing.

The bottle pet that we drink our delicious cooling one can be reaproveitado in many utilities for our home as: ornaments, serve to make brooms, clothes, books that are more durable of what the normal ones, etc.? Latinha of cooling can manufactures be come back it melted and if it transforms into new latinha, utensils for our home, or if to transform into parts for car as into Germany? The cans of conserves that we also buy (maize, olives, palmitos, candies, mass of tomatoe, etc.) can be reaproveitadas. The plastic canisters that we buy with products of cleannesses for ours homes also are reaproveitadas being melted the plastic and if it transforms into new utensils. Today in our city &#039 exists an association of catadores; ' ASCAPEU' ' that unhappyly it does not function although to have support of the city hall. Its you only lead think about its profit giving damage to the other catadores. What it functions they are the catadores that are not associates ' ' ASCAPEU' '. Many of them are to hiper organized although not to have support of the city hall. They separate and classify the collected material all and order for the plants for the recycling. The mayor not of the no support they, therefore they are of opposition the opinion of the mayor.

Net Forest

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

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In the world today, the affection for the trees and the recognition of its importance for the balance of the environment is practically unanimous. In our region, three types of Bioma occur mainly, the Forest Estacional Semidecidual, Dense the Ombrfila Forest and the Open pasture, being the two first types of Atlantic Bush. The Forest Estacional Semidecidual is the portion of Atlantic Mata that occupies in the interior of the country areas in the states of the Paran, So Paulo and Minas Gerais. She is recognized as a forest of high biodiversity and if it characterizes for being in an environment that possesss a clear-cut dry period throughout the year, what among others characteristic it provokes the fall of leves of some trees at this time more dries, in general in July and August. This forest severely was penalizada in the process of growth and urbanization of the Southeastern region, therefore at some moments agriculture, and others the wooden production and coal, had been reasons for its falling of trees and destruction, arriving at the point of today, in region of Sorocaba, to find cities with only 1.5% of its territory re-covered by native forests, as it is the case of Cerquilho.

This local and regional situation, without a doubt, was one of the factors that had stimulated the creation of the Net of Seeds of the Forest Estacional Semidecidual of So Paulo. In Brazil, the nets of seeds had appeared with force in the year of 2001, when Deep the National one of the Environment – FNMA, by means of proclamation, fomented the creation of eight nets of seeds, between them: Net of Seeds of the Amaznia, Southern Amaznia, Caatinga, Kills Atlantic, River-Be Pablo, Open pasture, Pantanal and Sul. In general, the actions of the Nets englobam all the phases of the production and commercialization of dumbs and seeds, since the characterization and marking of matrices, collect, improvement and storage until the accompaniment to its final destination.

Eyeglass Recycling

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

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This work objectified to present the process of the jewel creation parao Wax candle of Ours Mrs. of Nazar, had as base the reaproveitamento of the lenses of Cr39 eyeglasses, preventing its discarding in the nature. We join the recycled material, to precious metal GAC (silver). One of the necessities of this project is that in it has an incentive of the ambient recycling as an ecologically correct project. As methodology, a research of field in the city of Belm was made, to know the opinion and acceptance of the product for the possible consumers.

The project was born for belonging to a city where we have the second bigger religious party, known in all Brazil, it is about a manifestation of faith, and as symbology it has the image of Ns sr of Nazar. The Jiaentrar in the market as has drunk a toast to> customers, therefore at the time of the Wax candle of Nazar, in Belm, we have the habit to always offer to the customers toasts with the image of the saint, such as: shirts, caps, flammules, etc. the jewel will have as main base the silver and the stoned lens, this then being detached as semiprecious rock, receiving blue the color translucent, chosen for representing to the sky. With this the idea that we want to place in practical is emotion of the faith through the image of the padroeira saint of the city. In second plain we have the intention to export jewels, therefore we know that the wax candle, is known world-wide as a moment of experience of the Christian faith, with this will have in a well next future the national and international scope, a fan of possibility to become our known work world-wide. Word-Key: Jewel, Recycling, Lens of eyeglasses CR-39.

The Importance Of The Recycling

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

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To recycle is to save energy, to save natural resources and to bring in return to the productive cycle what we play outside. To understand the recycling is important ' ' reciclarmos' ' the concept that we have of garbage, leaving of enxergar it as a dirty and useless thing in its totality. Great part of the materials that go for the garbage can (and they would have) be recycled. In view of the time of natural decomposition of some materials as the plastic (450 years), the glass (5,000 years), the can (100 years), the aluminum (of 200 the 500 years), becomes necessary the development of ambientalista conscience for an improvement of the quality of current life and so that it has ambient conditions favorable to the life of the future generations. The Recycling is an alternative to brighten up the problem, however, the enrollment of the population to carry through this action is necessary. The first step is to perceive that the garbage is wealth source and that to be recycled it must be separate. It can be separate in diverse ways and simplest he is to separate the organic garbage of the inorgnico (wet garbage dry garbage). This is a simple action and of great value.

The catadores of garbage, the environment and the future generations are thankful. The garbage production comes frightfully increasing in all the planet. The garbage is the .causing greater of the degradation of the environment and research indicates that each human being produces, on average, little more than 1 kilo of garbage per day. In such a way, the development of a recycling culture will be inevitable, in view of the scarcity of the natural resources you did not renew and the space lack to condition as much garbage. If today we will not have a position and an ambient conscience, repairing the actual damages to the environment and preventing new ecological disasters, the continuity and the quality of life will be compromised. This yes, would be the biggest error that the humanity could commit against proper it. Vanessa Minuzzi Bidinoto, Academic of IX the Semester of Biological Sciences of the URI – Santiago/RS Campus.