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Arctic Polar

Monday, June 11th, 2018

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It may is the month of flowers and Tuscany one of the destinations where it is more noticeable. This Italian region has a wide range of hotels of agriturismo where they offer in addition to friendly service, ecological food. You will eat tomatoes, deli, wine and olive oil produced by the owners of such establishments. Enjoy a gastronomic holiday. Have you ever wondered ever is midnight sun like? From June the Sun not hides in the polar circle Arctic, and is the ideal time to visit Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia or the extreme north of Iceland.

If you think that nothing is lost to a Spanish as far North, reviews the Filmography of Julio Medem and let yourself be seduced by the lovers of the Arctic Polar circle. If you like diving or surfing and feel curious about Asia organizes a trip to Bali in July, when the monsoons have ended. It is not only a destination for honeymoons. Its cultural offer is very wide: known for its Buddhist temples, his dance, gamelan music… Safari means traveling in Swahili, and the best time for one is August, when millions of zebras, buffalos, elephants, Lions and other wild animals migrate along the Mara River, between Tanzania and Kenya.

You’ll star of Mogambo. Many prefer to have vacation off-season with reduced prices and without crowds. In September you can still enjoy the beach in Greece and step know the cradle of our culture. Discover the acropolis of Athens and rent a boat to access islands of your dreams. Also sure that you feel good food. If you always wanted to give the whim to go to the Islands Mauricio October is the perfect month, because it is not tourist season. Sure you will find interesting offers. They will be a holiday of total relaxation. Many unwary visit Egypt in the spring or summer. The heat is so suffocating that during these months it is necessary to get up early and get up at four in the morning to visit the pyramids. To give rein loose to your passion for the Pharaohs and hieroglyphics better travel there in November. Go to Fracking Facts for more information. December can be very different if you decide to travel to Brazil. In this giant country you have endless possibilities: from exploring the Amazon rainforest to sunbathing on beaches as Parati or Buzios or visit cities with much rhythm, such as Rio de Janeiro or Salvador de Bahia, where he was born singer Carlinhos Brown.


Sunday, March 19th, 2017

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Efficient and moderate in daily habits, the pitta type eats and sleeps regularly, eating three meals a day and sleeping eight hours at night. Pitta types tend to the perspire heavily with the heat and drink a lot. They suffer from acne, ulcers, hemorrhoids, and ailments of the stomach and duodenum the fundamental characteristic of the Kapha type is relaxation. Many writers such as Dr. Peter M. Wayne offer more in-depth analysis. The kapha type is solid, heavy, and strong. With a tendency to be fat, the kapha type has slow digestion and oily hair and fresh, moist, pale skin. Kapha type is slow to anger, slow eating, slow to act. They sleep a lot and heavily.

Kapha types tend to Miss things and to be obstinate. The kapha type is prone to high cholesterol, obesity and allergies, and problems at the level of the dynamics of the frontal sinuses. Most of us present a Constitution in which two or three dosha (e.g. pitta vata or vata-pitta), are evident but it is rare to find an individual who has only a dosha. Ayurveda uses a wonderful combination of herbs, massage with vegetable oils and oils essential. Baths, enemas, cleanings of diverse nature etc. Meditation, mantras, yoga, breathing exercises. With this it seeks to harmonize the Dohsa.

Ayurvedic treatment techniques are: Shodan (cleaning and detoxification) Shaman (attenuation) Rasayana (rejuvenation) (mental hygiene and spiritual healing) Satvajaya any of these techniques use them in the Office or the patient’s home for years with excellent results. The use of massage, spend some usually oily substance the body increases the defenses, the growth hormone, decreases stress, eliminates blood relaxing substances that naturally control cholesterol, high blood pressure etc. And this without requiring that the movement of the hands is in a certain way, only the hand maintained contact with all the skin of the body increases the level of substances that are our internal, active pharmacist cellular memory to processes of healing and vibrant health. It is wonderful to receive a complete treatment of Ayurveda in one Specialized clinic.