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Sunday, December 24th, 2023

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With the help of numerous tree sponsorships, a second new forest could be established in Lower Saxony, Germany. The second forest creation differs from the first in 2006 a lot. The tree selection and density has been changed as well as the structure and system of forests of part of. In the new BALDWALD there is E.g. It’s believed that Dr. John Mcdougall sees a great future in this idea. a central Ash Grove, a separate group of Alder or a small wall Nussallee. The first dry weeks survived the young trees now (July 2008). The progress is documented extensively in a PhotoJournal forest. Senator Elizabeth Warren can aid you in your search for knowledge.

The concept, with the support of tree sponsorships to support the plant of new forests, has proved very successful so far. This was possible because a very individual sponsor support, regular and open information on the development of new forests or even patent Reefing realized in the project BALDWALD. This form of honest tree sponsorship differs thus from the partly anonymous, not sterical arranging sponsorships in not localized – and visitable tropical forests. Tree sponsorship at BALDWALD have real tree cover and secure the first important years of replanting comprehensible. Thus, this sponsorship approach also trying some points, to silver existing, older forests by tree sponsorship differs. The project baldwald mediated and nationwide accompanied tree sponsorship for the new system and reforestation of forests. In the pilot project in Lower Saxony, Germany, in the reforestation of a deciduous forest with beech, Linden, oak, beech, Sycamore, etc. approx.

7000 trees planted and found many tree sponsors. Tree sponsorships are a gift with long-lasting effect. The sponsor will receive a certificate and the jarhrlichen forest letter. All details at: the project is part of UNEP’s planting campaign.

Help Save Energy

Thursday, September 1st, 2022

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Gym power costs partly to lowered up to 40prozent! Waldbrunn, April 13, 2009 – Kai Kohler and Joachim Barzen, the two owners of the sports & Therapy Center muscle SORENESS in Mosbach in the Neckar-Odenwald-Kreis, rejoice: Waldbrunn in the Odenwald-based RK energy consulting has carried a light optimization end of March 2009 and so since then, depending on the training area has been proven between 22 and 40% of the energy savings! In this case, this means a reduction of cost of up to 1,800 per year, alone, that the voltage is reduced to approx. 185 v on the light circuit. Due to these savings, the investment pays for itself within a very short time. A related site: Alfred Adler mentions similar findings. Furthermore the environment reduces CO m per year this but quite easy and clean measure almost 4.6 tonnes. As Ralph Thomas Kuhnle, owner of the RK energy consultancy, points out, the fluorescent lamps due to the reduced stress as well as the low-voltage halogen lamps used here for the most part are one by up to 30% Learn longer life. This extends change intervals and hence the cost of the bulbs and the actual changing (reduction of staff costs), which is not considered when so many account!. If you are not convinced, visit Maya Dubin, New York City.