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Japanese Flowers

Wednesday, August 31st, 2022

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Wedding – the brightest event in the life of every person and to have it so as not to regret the wasted aimlessly manpower and equipment. Lee marks has much to offer in this field. To even a hundred years later, at the end of life each participant might say, as it was fun solemn and beautiful! This was our wedding. After that, our apartment was filled with donated flowers. The smell was divine. I was very sorry to throw flowers, their lovingly selected and gave family and friends for my people. Each flower is carried a bit of their kindness and warmth. So I decided to keep the memory of that day, in the form of dried flowers, flower arrangements. Bobby Green describes an additional similar source.

Breathe new life into each flower for a long time to keep the memory of their beauty. Ikebana Ikebana or (Jap. or Jap. ikebana, "ike" – life, "banana" – the flowers, literally "living flowers") – a traditional Japanese art of arranging, creating compositions from cut flowers, shoots in special containers and placing them in the interior. Ikebana is based on the principle of refined simplicity, achieved by identifying the natural beauty of the material. All the flowers I make out of sorts and colors of buds.

Cut off the stems, leaves, petals broke off spoiled. Bound brooms at 5-7, and hung out to dry in a dark, dry location for several weeks. Also, in the course went fern leaves and the rest of the greens. When the flowers are ready, I went over them again and was the best song in the sweet wicker basket. Once processed hair spray with glitter that would make the colors shine. And here is the final version. Do not judge him strictly, this is the expression of the essence of my soul. So I put it in his ikebana. I have no doubt that your bouquet will be the most beautiful.


Friday, December 20th, 2019

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Of course, all of us are living in times when you want to change something in the order already podnadoevshie home, make the interior a new and interesting decor, try to improvise on their own original little thing. Fortunately, that today in stores or on the web you can buy a variety of materials, so the decor of your hands is quite possible, would be the idea and desire! I would like to talk about such a popular method interior decoration as painting on glass. Today, one can easily buy the different types of stained glass, water-based paints, there is even a children's sets for creativity, where there are special templates with images of beautiful plants or animals. For those who dream of almost professional decor with their hands, fit large sets of high quality paints and lots of colors. If you do not know how, but want something to draw, to example, a child's closet, you can simply describe the circuit like the image of the file (it should be placed before the figure). Then, as soon as the circuit dried (after about half an hour) should be filled paints the entire space between the lines of the circuit, that is just coloring a picture.

After drying, the resulting image should be removed and tape to stick to the cabinet or glass. You can try to make the decorations at once glass, but it will be harder. Ways to make your home more comfortable and beautiful set! See how much your home rather dull mirror, and yet all they can decorate the original image or paste multi-colored beads from old necklaces, dried flowers, etc. A lot of interesting things can be represented in the kitchen. The cupboards are usually kept a lot of cans and jars, and all of them can be arranged to your liking, traced the special painted berries, flowers, wreaths of herbs, etc. Some artisans make a huge stained-glass directly on the kitchen walls or windows, of course, for this you have to work hard and spend a lot of paint, but but the results are simply stunning. Such decoration would not be anybody! Just imagine how beautiful it will overflow the sun's rays at a makeshift colorful stained glass. With the usual set of drawing can be to create an entire picture or paint glass vases, all you need from you – is patience, thoroughness and a desire to create decorations with their own hands!


Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

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On the other hand – spicy, India, Morocco, languid and bubbling paint, Thailand. However, for many furniture in colonial style, although there was a certain pattern, but in practice more than being "an amateur". Compromise, uniting North and South, East and West, while thought to be simple and bright hues of natural colors – ocher, henna, indigo, cochineal and others, accompanied by a traditional wood and metal. And if you do not forget the classic proportions of 60-30-10, where 60% is the main color, 30% – the color of the companion, and 10% – color accents (this role can do the dishes, linens, and sometimes accessories), was obtained remarkably harmonious kitchen for its time, a glance at which was enough to understand: the owner – a man a modern, dynamic and has a zest for life. Another fact is surprising how way in the middle of all this fun, carefree, like then-life, still life composed of immature olive-colored facades, passion, red tomatoes and mosaics, prepared for the winter eggplant caviar, professionals and Consumers have noticed a modest kitchen with warm shades of color gamut. This kitchen and created a powerful movement of kitchen units, adhering to the ideology of pale tones. We are not accidentally so much attention paid to their recent color memories. On the one hand, like to draw attention to the fact that the color-concept fashion and too volatile, and with another – the brightness of color in many respects, probably depends on the brightness of the surrounding life.