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Ballad Of Spring Bicycle

Friday, September 7th, 2018

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We descend a mountain pass. There is something special in the environment, the days lengthen, become perfect is spring. My whole being shouts to my heart that it wants to revive. The heart responds like an animal in heat. The soul is stirred. It is the life that everything permeates it.

It is the life that makes its way through every pore of the skin. My brain is prepared for this magnificent hatching. Millions of neurons by exploiting a huge spectacle of perfect chemistry. Things vibrate and launch your message to the wind. Now no time for sleep. Every minute counts. Fools and geniuses are agitated impatient, men and women fight for their happiness, writers, artists, musicians, the wise men of this world, dream of sounds and silences.

All the intensity, the roar of nature and of life unfold before my astonished eyes. It is the beginning of a cycle, the thaw of the reason, singing to the genius and madness. Hypothermia of the insignificant, sensible and rational. The rite of nature has begun. Everything flourishes. His men, grow to life their women; Arden their passion faces and in their eyes, their hands, their gestures in every little curve of their bodies, is every human being, in another, a response. Life is agitated and trembles, vibrates and strives to escape, feel, grow, fly, know viva. The soul strives to move away from the trivial and everyday. It is the call of nature. The annual flood that drags us, endless cycle, the ancestral volcano, creating perfect aurora. There is a sound, a color, a flavor that permeate every feeling. Nothing escapes this fascinating spring. Everything is so full of life and beauty, everything is so perfect and intense, it produces a sweet pain.

Electronic Collar

Monday, October 2nd, 2017

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Electronic collar an e-collar is similar to a common dog collar, but is equipped with an electrical system that can give a small discharge electric causing a nuisance to the dog. The use of this remote control device, allows the person responsible train the dog can give an order to the distance of the animal when behavior needs to be corrected. An electronic collar is an ideal way to train your dog off the leash. The incorrect behavior must be addressed immediately, for your aprendea dog quickly, without having to dominate by force the animal. In general, the collar Halti Halti collar can be recommended for all powerful dogs, or who have not responded well to other necklaces Adiestramiento.Es a very useful and effective tool. Operation when the dog pulls, since the muscles on which operates the point of attachment of the strap is the neck, pull produces his head get closer to us and the rest of the body are separate. Credit: Dr. Peter M. Wayne-2011. It also has a lightweight dynamic of closure in mouth strips, which produces that a small communication has plus-minus on the action of pulling-no pull.

This movement away from the sensations of the flip on a choke collar, also opens and closes, and this helps a quick conditioning. Advantages. One of the biggest advantages is that it is much easier to get the dog’s attention with them, besides does not work with physical force. The fact that the dog can not throw away is important, especially because when you pull out, his head turns toward us. Therefore, it is very easy to capture their attention. In all cases, it is important to use the training collars only during training, while special attention is given. Leave a training in neck collar when you are not working with your dog could lead to serious accidents. Everytime you finish training, removes the training of your dog’s neck collar and replace it with common necklace. Most importantly of all is now the correct way to walk with your dog so don’t go pulling belt permanently, dragging everyone who intends to take out it for a walk or to train him. If you want to know the correct technique and the main secrets that your dog learn to walk without pulling on the belt…