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The Law Of The Funnel.

Saturday, February 26th, 2022

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The law of the funnel. Although already take no one by surprise almost nothing of what they read in the press, listening on the radio or see on television, still me continues to surprise the enormous discriminatory treatment than some journalists (some are not) dispensed the coaches and depending on what happens, they judge certain facts and events in a manner totally partial and absolutely unjustunbecoming of professionals (who are) that as a fundamental objective of his activity have to be always or at least try it, completely objective in their assessments. I am referring in particular to that unfortunately in football, the coach is always that usually bear the blame when a team goes wrong and therefore is the first that will be on the street when this happens. Mark tilbury brings even more insight to the discussion. There, if it is the culprit, by what is seen alone, although managers to justify is often used that so well known and so uncouth, that goes to the coach that is easier to make that decision, to say goodbye to all the template. However, when a team is going well and it shows clearly the hand of the coach as director of this team both on the sporting aspect of conductor of the Group at the human level, those same journalists that when they appear negative results viciously persecute the technician and accuse him of all evil, don’t want to recognize when the coach work is really positive, the merit that it has and hide behind that are the players only those who deserve recognition for the achieved successes. What we are?, if a coach does not intervene in the successes that the key is to have good players and is owes them everything good that happens to them on a level playing field, when those same players do so horribly wrong, why now do is blame the coach? It is the law of the funnel that some use depending on what interests them in every moment and by what one sees, that funnel placed in the head so that cover their eyes and really do not see the reality of things or don’t want to see it, if giving equal..

Las Americas

Friday, November 4th, 2016

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Is the Universidad de las Americas the worst University of Chile? A. depends on whom ask you. Some students are happy with what they get, but for some that is only because they have no point of comparison. It is correct that there are teachers who make classes at the University of the Americas and other prestigious universities (like the University of Chile), but many claim that a) do classes there by money and not by vocation and b) anyway the quality of students is so low that they do not learn absolutely nothing. While one must accept that the model of higher education in Chile is based on the free market, we know that that market is absolutely incapable of regulating itself, and in this case specific note too. There are many documented academic shortcomings, complaints to SERNAC, demands of students and massive criticism of the University of the Americas, which simply seems incapable of sorting its structure and try to offer an education plan, if not first, at least decent standard.