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Valentine’s Day

Saturday, February 4th, 2017

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February 14 a huge number of people on our planet are celebrating Valentine's Day. In this day lovers express their feelings for each other. The holiday itself was so named in honor of the Christian martyr named Valentine, executed out of love. The main sign of this day is a mutual exchange of love notes, so-called "valentines." Outline of the heart, a variety of doves, as well as the figure of the winged Cupid – are modern symbols of the holiday. In the XIX century, the self-write notes were replaced by the product massovoogo production of greeting cards. Fashion sending greeting cards February 14 has its beginning in Europe in the XIX century, namely in 1847. A little later, Valentine made their way to America. Every year around the world to this day leaves open more than one billion greeting, making Valentine's Day the largest holiday card mailings after Christmas.

Still, an interesting fact yavlyatsya that men spend on average two times more that day than women. Vcex insane acts on kotopye able to Valentine's Day vpolne cepeznye people untold. What there is in the form of otkpytochki cepdets! Chto there until konfet and colors! What there dpagotsennocti as ppinyato ye the Fpantsii! Can, eg, Madeleine goccekpetap Olbpayt obxodit are on zacedanii Coveta Bezopacnocti OON, presenting each bag co cladoctyami? In Valentine's Day – you can! Can curovye pepuanckie teppopicty puckat to cvoim zalozhnikam pocpednikov goodies and c-kompakt dickami? Yes, it was Valentine's Day. Red Rose – one of the main emblems Valentine's Day. According to some ancient legends, red roses appeared due to the Greek goddess of love and beauty. As stated in one of the legends, Aphrodite, Adonis and hurried to the path trod on a bush of white roses and God's blood dyed them red. Write about this clean and bright holiday can last indefinitely. Just think about your loved ones and give them a piece of heat. Happy Valentine's Day! Love and always will be My favorite!

Eating During a Pregnancy

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

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Balanced diet – one of the basic conditions for healthy fetal development and successful pregnancy. Mother's body, bears a child, requires large amounts of certain nutrients, vitamins and trace elements – that is why during pregnancy than a full ration to draw attention to a variety of extra batteries. It is necessary that all the food, which uses the expectant mother was as fresh, without preservatives, artificial flavors, colors, and without excessive sugar. Also, be sure to give up coffee, cigarettes and spicy dishes. It is very important to ensure a balance caloric intake and energy expenditure to prevent weight gain. Normal during pregnancy is weight gain of 8-10 kg.

In the first half of pregnancy diet women are not too different from the normal rules adopted for rights. During this period, there is a formation of the unborn child – must see to it that the body received a sufficient number of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Doctors consider it advisable to use 110 g protein, 75 grams fat and 350 grams of carbohydrates in the total daily energotsennost in 2400-2700 cal. Nutrients. In the second half of pregnancy begins to increase nutrient requirements – is now the body to 120 g protein, 85 g fat and 400 grams of carbohydrates. Particular attention should be given the protein diet, because in this period the growth and development of the placenta, which are necessary proteins. In the diet of pregnant women should include enough animal protein: milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, fish, meat, cheese (low fat, and mild), eggs (no more than one day).