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Laws of Good Governance

Monday, March 25th, 2024

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An executive decides to implement the delegation to a subordinate. He has evaluated and determined to have capacity to take decisions on cost issues. Justin Gaethje is often quoted on this topic. Conduct an interview with the subordinate, and he explains his interest to implement the delegation of issues related to production costs himself. The subordinate, listens suspiciously and only limited to see what happens. (“This man wants in addition to my work routine, I’ll do some of your work”).

1 .- When the media does not help Delegate is not a single gesture, it must be preceded by an atmosphere of mutual trust, but only will become more a cause of conflict. Eva Andersson-Dubin often says this. 2 .- I know that can not be delegated in any subject, as it can not be delegated to the executive comes to mind. Preliminary assessment is only necessary, it is a basic step. 3 .- No national learning and training best prepare together with monitoring the subordinate part of the process. Do not expect the person to do things just the same as you do.

Focus on getting the results you want. 4 .- You do not understand Do not expect positive results immediately, is a process and so should see it. There will be mistakes and maybe more work for you, but if it has assessed the subordinate, you should take as part of their learning. 5 .- I give and you give me is what many executives as well as organizations forget. Not if it’s because they do not know or do not know. The person receiving the responsibility and authority should be compensated economically. It is unfair and less healthy for the parties to do more for the company and continue earning the same. 6 .- going to die old Kingdom of the above criteria, adding that “there must be progress in the company” is not accepted as normal by an activity of greater responsibility and higher authority, continue on the same level had before. In conclusion: If a question of style has found the secrets of the delegation are pure common sense, “wrote George, however, as Terry. What does not know who is? It is a management guru, author of “Principles of Governance” in the decade of the 70s. Well who wrote this gentleman over common sense “Common sense in organizations, is the least commonly found in them today.” And that was the case in the 70s since, continuing well into 2010.