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Safer Investment

Tuesday, October 10th, 2023

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Now apply your money in silver and protect their wealth against inflation and loss of value our money will be less and less value! Keep we can’t do the inflationary depreciation, but we can protect ourselves. In the last 100 years alone, Germany experienced 5 currency reforms. And so the value of our money was reduced by devaluation. The euro has become the euro and shaken the economic situation has no end. So the money especially in the Christmas season not so casual us is in the Pocket. Solution precious metal but in the next year right to provide and to counteract, the economic crisis is the solution in precious metals.

Gold is valuable, we know but the silver even more valuable is we knew not so far. Check with lee marks to learn more. This is confirmed by the facts of scarcity and of consumption, as well as the demand for silver. Since silver is one of the most sought-after raw materials of industry for years, a shortage is already recorded. By 2020, the raw material of silver will be used up! The silver of the world goes out may result in the future by the Scarcity of silver who now secures silver as physical precious metals, will benefit thanks to the industrial demand. With, you can now easily and quickly secure your silver or gold and thus protect their assets before depreciation and the effects of inflation.

Well-advised with service through personal contact by consultants to the customer stands out. Your personal advisor will answer all questions to them, individually advise and accompany them on the way to a secure financial investment.’s only certified precious metals consultants are use for them in the Deutschlandweitem to give their clients financial security. “Euro-Exchange account instead of euro-life insurance loss account who is not by immediate purchase a certain amount of physical silver or gold provide inflation protection afford can, with the euro-Exchange account” well advised. Here is a monthly amount to replace every customer possible, and can even by prefunded acquisition costs with subsequent Run time-dependent reimbursement this benefit immediately full. With the exclusive product of Euro-Exchange account”can be guaranteed thus by, the option of refunds the customer without incurring losses. More information on the safe investment in silver, see. Contact: Bernd Hilgendorf Fontane str. 48 D-13158 Berlin Tel: + 49 030 91 61 535 fax: + 49 030 34 66 54 22 Web: mail: on is an independent institution that stands for the sale of precious metals to securing investment. A Germany-wide service provides certified precious metals consultants the customer with the product of Euro-Exchange account”for securing the assets before depreciation and inflation is used.

TARGOBANK Can Call Money Interest Rates Climb

Friday, January 28th, 2022

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Investors can look forward from February 2011 on more interest on the money and double interest savings. With the new month, the TARGOBANK day money and double interest savings with new interest will present itself. Because, as the Bank has already announced it will increase the rates at the above colection investment products to February 1, 2011 to 20 basis points. The double interest savings, the base interest rate on deposits, there is up to 50,000 euro increased to 0.75% per annum. Increased savings annually to at least 600 euros, doubled the interest rate to 1.50% interest per year. The double interest saving is attractive especially for investors, not completely get rid of the good old savings account, their savings but still know in good hands.

At a monthly savings rate of 50 euro, 1.50% interest rates already p.a. safe. The double interest savings account is managed simply and easily accessible from the local computer. So can follow customers always up to date and watch their money grow. More double interest saving the TARGOBANK there under… . Also, more interest there in the day money account.

Instead of 1.00% savers from February received 1.20% APY namely p.a. balance up to 50,000 euro. There is neither a minimum investment amount or account management fees, so you can unfold the interest free and enjoy all investors with a ungeschmalerten return. Also in terms of security, offers of the TARGOBANK convince fully. Through the membership of the Federal Association of German banks, the deposits of each customer are protected up to a height of 207 million euros. Who wants more intensively dealing with the subject of deposit insurance may be under… more detail inform. Christina Korpert

LLC Insurance

Wednesday, April 25th, 2018

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As the legal form affects power health insurance benefits there is a difference whether private health insurance as a corporation or LLC changed its name? The Internet portal for private shows that the legal form of a health insurance company can certainly have influence on the insurance services offered. For the policyholder is the knowledge of the characteristics, bring the health insurance companies in the form of joint stock companies (AG), insurance associations, mutual (VVG) or in the form of an institution under public law with meaningful guidance on choosing the right provider. The decisive criteria, which are different the individual legal forms and pay attention to that, are the composition of the insurance community, the expected return and the number of insured persons. Due to its prominence in the market and the resulting large number of policyholders and rates, companies seem to be a safe alternative. For her entrepreneurial skill is prerequisite to the investors on board to be able to keep and are in the market. At the same time AGs of regulated are subject to and as a result less flexible in their decisions as, for example, insurance clubs reciprocity or health insurance in the form of a public law institution. Here, less is the profit maximization in the foreground, as rather the benefits for the individual. Because health insurance companies just in the form of VVGs can have a smaller customer base and more flexible Act, they provide the most special rates for their policyholders.

Some special models for smoking or for vegetarians are not uncommon. In the past, VVGs were so often pioneered schemes which sometime were later also adopted by other providers in the market.

Statutory Health Insurance

Saturday, January 9th, 2016

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Penalty for unpaid additional contributions has proven the financial situation of the health insurance companies in Germany in recent years as precarious. Revenues were always well below the annual expenditure, and thus incurred substantial deficits. These should be shared in the future by both employers and workers, therefore the statutory health insurance contribution rates increase again in January 2011. Still, the funds will require separate additional posts. The finance portal informs about the upcoming changes. Who still looking for the right insurance, can benefit, for example, by the Stiftung Warentest Product Finder. For those who expect more power from their insurance or are not satisfied with their current insurer, the database provides useful pointers for the search after a health insurance that fits to the individual situation.

Especially due to the new provisions for additional contributions and the increase of the contribution rate from January 1, 2011, it is worth to the various insurance companies to compare to find potential benefits. Special contributions may not more percentage are calculated as part of the changes. This means that eliminates the previous social compensation. So far, the monthly additional contributions could not exceed a percentage of income. Under the new rules, policyholders can expect only with a refund of the difference, the additional fee should be more than two percent of the income. Who the additional contribution not or only partially makes, must also reckon with a penalty of at least 30 euros. More information: presse.html GmbH Lisa Neumann