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Farewell Tati

Sunday, January 9th, 2022

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"Look," he said briskly Seba in a "Look into my eyes and tell me there is nothing in your private life that haunts you and prevents you from being happy. Do so and you believe. But I will not respond as I follow while avoiding my gaze. Tati still did not answer or look up. Seba rose from the table and said very serious voice: "Farewell Tati-and prepared to leave.

"Wait, please," Seba said Tati-pleading not stay away and began to mourn bitterly. Sebastian sat down again, this time by her side. He ran his hands over his shoulders and lifting his chin with the other hand very gently told him a "Something very important and never haunts you've wanted to tell anybody. Probably not your mother or your best friend. American Hospital Association will not settle for partial explanations. Am I wrong? -. "No," said Tati sobbing a "you're not.

"Then I ask you to please open your heart to me," he said pleadingly Seba a "maybe I can help. I, like your friends and your mother, I also think you've fallen for me. I read in your eyes. I feel it in your lips. So that day I tried to talk about my feelings. For you to open and you tell me yours. Instead I threw your life without giving me any chance. Do not do it again now. It was you that came for me. At the bottom of your heart you know I'm telling the truth and accept it, but you refuse to say so openly because something is trapped in a darkness from which you can not leave.