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Varieties Of Cream Cheese

Monday, April 9th, 2018

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Many former Soviet citizens remember the Soviet times, when in any store one of the main type of cheese – served cheese, the most popular among the people enjoyed the cheese course "Friendship", a name which has acquired many stories. In any cafe that time served the Jewish appetizer, which was done just out of cheese. Cream cheese gourmets the world do not even think cheese. It is believed that the so-called processed cheese do not may be, is a high title of cheese. But we can not go past the side of cheese, which are isolated in the classification of the type of cheese, for the simple reason that, perhaps, many Russians are familiar with such processed cheese, as "Sharp", "Kiev", "Sausage," "Amber" and Processed cheeses have no flavor and aftertaste of "real" cheeses, but have one advantage – long shelf life. Cheeses of this type are made by pasteurizing and conversion of a mixture of one or more cheeses (often of poor quality) in the emulsion. Mixes for pasteurization usually consist of fat, cream, and several types of cheese.

After pasteurization, the mixture is subjected to such high melting temperatures. In processed cheese at the production stage, adds weight ingredients and additives to make this cheese softness and moisture. Processed cheeses are distinguished as sausages, pastes, tin, lunch, lomtevye and sweet. The consistency of processed cheese is varied. Cheese can be sliced ("sausage") and spread on bread. Many people in the world like melted cheese in combination with toasts. If your taste is different special pretentiousness, the cheeses in this category will satisfy you. To this day, many restaurants offer snacks made of Chelyabinsk on the basis of cheese, apparently supporters of this product is still quite a lot.

Delicious and Healthy

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

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Pour this mixture on a heated pan with butter and fry. The resulting thick omelette cut in the form of noodles and large tuck them ashy-sorpa. 5. Immediately afterwards, pour in the ashy-sorpa herbs, minced garlic and allow then to the cover without fire for 3-4 minutes. 6. Before serving, remove from broth horse meat, cut it into thin slices and drop back into the broth. Main dishes Zhal 1 kg horse Posolochnaya mixture: 25 g of salt, 1 tsp sugar, 0.5 cups of garlic, 6 peas black pepper. Brine: 1 l water, a specified number of dry-solochnoy mixture.

Stings – oblong fat deposition in podgrivnoy parts of horse neck. It has to be cut with a thin prirezyu meat (no more than 10% by weight), cut into pieces in full length, cross section 2 cm, grate posolochnoy dry mixture and firmly put into a ceramic or wooden bowls a day, and then further to fill with brine and let stand for 2-3 days, followed by shaking dunk in cold water for 2 hours, then rinse in warm water and hung out to dry for at least 10-12 hours *. After that stings should be smoked at a temperature of 45-50 C for 18 h, then cooled at a temperature of 10-12 C for 4 h and drying for days at a temperature of 12 C. Here and in the future these meat products can be used either as an intermediate product in boiling salted to form, or continue their further processing of smoking. Zhai 1 kg horse (zhanbas – the rear leg) Posolochnaya mixture: 25 g of salt, 1.5g sugar, 2 hours tablespoons black pepper, 1 clove of garlic or a piece of pea-sized hing, 1 tsp azhgona (Indian cumin). Brine: 1 gallon of water, a specified number of posolochnoy mixture.

The top layer of muscles with surface fat removed from the leg semicircular pieces, rub them with a mixture of posolochnoy and hugs in a ceramic or wooden bowls and leave for a day in a cool place. Then pour 3% brine mixture and let stand posolochnoy 5-6 days, after what meat rinse, soak for 1 hour, rinsed again in warm water and dry for several hours. Prepared in this way can serve as a half-finished Zhai for drying, cooking or smoking in type to a s s. Only after smoking dried Zhai 3 days at 12 C.