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Aquafresh Flex Direct

Saturday, June 1st, 2013

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Obviously, information that changes the knowledge of the whole class of goods is regarded as a significant informative, dedicated information … So, the USP makes consumers reconsider their habitual views not only for the goods, but on the whole product category. This is the cause of its high memorability. How to communicate to consumers TRUE UNIQUE OFFER If you choose to work as a strategy to USP, then perhaps you will be faced with many difficulties. Suppose a product that will advertise, has a feature that distinguishes it from all or many other products of the same product category.

Firstly, the advertiser must understand whether the consumer to notice a distinctive feature of the goods. The famous American scholar Alfred advertising Politts wrote: "The advertising campaign emphasizing the microscopic difference between the goods which the consumer is not able to catch, accelerates the failure of the goods" Secondly, the advertiser must determine whether the consumer will perceive this as a property important and useful. If the value of this property is not obvious to consumers, the major promotional efforts should be aimed at explaining its importance, as it is done, for example, in advertising toothbrush Aquafresh Flex Direct. In this advertisement compares the brush, which has a movable head, and regular brushes. The advertising slogan reinforces demonstrated the advantage of focusing on important structural features of the brush: "Cleans brilliantly, acts with the head "(the last word of this sentence brush head tilts). Third, we must understand not contradict this property is the standard notions of a good consumer product.