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Limestone Development

Saturday, July 18th, 2015

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As conceived by architect al Vitberg it grand structure was to be seen from anywhere in the city. Material for the foundation of the temple was chosen as limestone. To make its delivery is not too expensive, mining of the stone began in the village of Grigorov Located not far from Moscow. However, due to the presence of underground streams and the fragility of the soils on the Sparrow Hills building had to be completed and choose another location for the house – on the Moscow River, not far from the Kremlin. After construction on the Sparrow Hills were suspended and development of limestone. This deposit is later returned, 15 years later, when started new construction of the temple. To finish walls used thick white limestone, is being developed in the vicinity of Kolomna. Also, for the inner and outer cladding used other natural stones – dark green labradorite, pink Shoksha quartzite, multi-colored marbles.

Christ the was built nearly 40 years, and after work looking white block, like a giant iceberg. So he stayed in the memory of his contemporaries, even after this majestic structure was demolished. Since the time of use as a finishing material of white stone in Russia there have been many great architectural treasures, some of which are famous not only in Russia but also abroad. Some of them, unfortunately, have not survived to our times, but most of the churches, palaces and manors admire its beauty and elegance of finish, and to this day. The use of limestone in our time From the middle of last century development of natural stone in Russia have been held blasting. On the one hand, it is much easier work of people, with another – dramatically reduced the use of construction and decoration of limestone. The reason for this was specific fields of white stone that lies very thin layers, alternating with marls and clays. Blasting caves with limestone layers, and their accompanying unwanted rock tossing them and making it harder quarrying.

In addition, the country has been actively developing rail links, & Stone has become cheaper and easier to deliver a distance. The most common at the time was the finish of granite, marble, gabbro, produced in the Urals, the Ukraine or the Caucasus. Almost completely stopped the development of limestone for cladding in Myachkovskih careers: a stone from there shipped rarely, for special orders. Currently, Development of limestone has been actively revived. More and more houses became to acquire an elegant white-stone finish, returning Russia forgotten the epithet "white stone". Veneer restoration of ancient monuments are engaged team of qualified professionals and stone carvers. Their new work is not inferior to the creatures of the ancient masters, but owing to the use of new advanced tools, carving has become more refined, refined. The newly opened across Russia quarry permit supply specialists for stone processing limestones of various kinds and colors – from the dazzling snow-white to the precious yellow. But experts for stone processing are not limited to stone only Russian oil fields: the limestone is successfully delivered to and from foreign countries, including those from Italy. Article provided by "CAM"


Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

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Tree – the oldest companion of mankind, which is the source of his energy and traditional building materials, with no equivalent replacement. Precious wood used to make beautiful furniture, flooring, doors, and various interior items that are considered elite, given the initial high cost of valuable timber tree species and size of the effort required to process it. Furniture and interior Premet made of valuable species brought into the house of a favorable energy, beauty and comfort. In the production of furniture are used most often such valuable species such as oak, beech, alder, ash, walnut, maple. Solid oak wood crushing, well-planed, drilled and polished, even bend in steamed condition.

Shrinks moderately, strong, little crack and warp. She almost did not rot. The disadvantages of oak can be attributed, Firstly, the porosity, and secondly, the danger of cracking during drying. Besides working with the oak should be aware that it is very sensitive to the natural plant oils. On the surface of oil spots often appear. Oak wood to cover the quick-weatherproof transparent varnish. Due to the presence of tannins oak can be easily dyed and toning in the mordant, finishing mastic. Wood is widely used in restoration works, to perform turned parts, wrapping, typesetting mosaic.

Oak make glued and bent furniture, flooring, veneer, cooperage dishes, wheel carts and much more. It is widely used in mechanical engineering, car building and ship business. Beech – one of the most used trees in the wood. Beech on the mechanical properties – density, strength, hardness – close to the oak tree.