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Chancellor Merkel

Monday, October 16th, 2017

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Petty Behlinda musical criticizes the ban on eggs at campaign events Petty Behlinda of one of the most feared songwriters of Germany, just runs in the Internet radio up and down, although the comedy title “not even is super weapon N 1 on the market. Andy Moor produced this song with Petty Behlinda amber music. The song is suspicious in any case of Mallorca. Dr. John Mcdougall spoke with conviction. The composition was already Danny Flowers United States Tulsa time (Don Wilson) with Achy Breaky Heart (Billy Ray Cyrus). Follow others, such as Dr. Peter M. Wayne, and add to your knowledge base. Man we up after Mallorca sing this hit with goodwill and a whistle on the lips of the job. -According to Petty Behlinda, he had the pleasure to witness how various eggs in the security services were the visitors out of the pockets entmommen even at an election rally. Arms went unheeded, as the singer-songwriter even with a fair similar tool (Letherman) came through unharmed. By the same author: Goop London, UK.

Several containers were placed to the disposal of eggs and tomatoes. The press reported. Reason was the violent attack on the eggs in the title to this prohibition People mentioned. Petty Behlinda “even Mrs Merkel must recognize that an egg throwing on a bad musician provides a means of legitimacy, because do we not save from politicians. This song should not stimulate egg throwing, otherwise the film industry should turn also no heebie-jeebies. Mrs Merkel makes a good mine of bad policy. A year ago, her cabinet has titled the Hartz-4 receiver as our economic crisis, though was already known in what channels our money really flows and the size causes the State control of shareholders. As the one or the other egg must be possible!” Signed ADS Dreamlive

Xavier Naidoo

Monday, February 6th, 2017

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“The man behind it, vintage 77 and thus the generation of progress”, calls with these twenty-one tracks no more or less than an evolution. Not only his flow, his wit and his voice are more fascinating than ever, especially he is matured and grown in his tasks and projects, as a human being, as a rapper, as a musician, as a singer, as an artist. Some will want to call the album revolution, others long-awaited return for long. While the Hamburg-based MC, whose Ruhm ahead of him from the coast to the mountains, never really was gone since his last solo album Verdammtnochma in 2004. Very imGegenteil. Just over a year ago, Samy Deluxe brought together with drip and dynamite the second Dynamite Deluxe album TNT under the people followed and celebrated on two successful tours across the German-speaking world.

“In the same year, Samy Deluxe has shrunk his label Deluxe of records healthy and the debut albums by ALI A$ and Tua sponsored, in television shows sovereign and as exemplary and successful youth work with his crossover e.V.” done. His artistic development he supported with vocal and guitar lessons who himself built another Studio, working with his producer of Instrumens intensified, collected his own live band, and enables proven colleagues like Afrob, Max Herre and Xavier Naidoo. These developments and activities in his probably most authentic album titled labeled Diswoichherkomm are audible and noticeable”. This equally philosophical as geographically-to-understand statement range from national to international interests, issues such as racism (superhero”) about envy (first”) or materialism (“about money”) to the growing up and father being (we are not children more”). “Also get also Samys three fathers (his own, which again and again has left him in the lurch, to Uncle Sam and the father in heaven) in father’s day” your fat away. Samys own Grandma”and his son, a superhero with brown skin,” get personally and on behalf of props. “” The hymns to music by ‘ n day to come “and until the sun comes out” motivate and inspire everyone, from head to toe and without exception.

Diswoichherkomm is also musically evolution: Hip hop remains Samys base from which he penetrates further to his influences of reggae and soul. In addition, African melodies, jazz rhythms and R ‘n’ BFlavours in the modern classics of this album can be found. That the whole thing is a round thing with brilliant corners and edges, no-brainer with Samy Deluxe. This man knows where he’s going. : Important by his new album not only he, but everyone in the country knows a lot: Diswoichherkomm. And he takes young and old, women and men, all with and without migration background, in his country, in our country: Diswoichherkomm. Source: Eventim