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Welded Joints

Tuesday, August 30th, 2022

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According to gost 2601 – 84 set the terms and definitions for welded structures, sites, connections and joints. Metal construction, manufactured by welding of separate parts, called the welded structures. Part of this design called the weld site. Metal parts to be joined by welding, called the base metal. Welded connection is called permanent connection between two or more parts, made by welding. In welded compound consists of a welded seam, the adjacent area of the base metal, which caused by heat welding occurred, and other structural changes (heat affected zone), and the adjacent areas base metal. The weld is a weld portion formed by crystallization of molten metal weld pool.

Weld pool – is part of the weld metal, located at the time of welding in the molten state. Recess formed in the seam after the welding process, called the crater. Metal is fed into the arc zone in addition to the molten base metal, called filler metal. Remelted filler metal introduced into the molten pool and weld on base metal, called on melted metal. Alloy formed by melted core or core and clad metals, called the weld metal. Depending on the welding parameters and shape under cooking welded edges of the main details of interest and weld metal in the formation of the joint can be substantially changed. Fig. 1.7 shows a cross section of weld seam a total area of F; Fnp – sectional area of the weld formed by melting the base metal; F "- sectional area of the weld formed through the weld (filler) metal. Then F = fh + Fnp. When you change the stake of the ground and filler metals in the formation of weld its composition can vary, thus changing its mechanical, corrosion and other properties. The shape of the conjugation connected parts (elements) the following types of welded joints: butt, corner, T-, lap with point welds performed arc welding (cork and slotted).

Infrared Heaters

Saturday, March 23rd, 2019

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When using infrared heaters are not intense heating and air movement of air masses, and temperatures at an altitude of nearly constant. The thermal energy radiated by the device is absorbed surrounding surfaces such as floors, walls, furniture, etc., heating them. In turn, they give heat the air. This allows intense heating with minimum power consumption. With the help of infrared heaters can be carried out zone or spot heating. In the case of a zonal heating in different parts of the premises will be maintained with different temperature regimes.

Point may be regarded as placing devices on the individual workplaces without heating the entire room. Infrared heaters have been used successfully where there is a risk of cold drafts, such as near a window. Devices installed in such a zone, blocking the movement of cold air and provide a more comfortable stay a man near a window. Product range of infrared heaters can solve the problem of heating of any objects (apartments, offices, country houses, industrial premises, outdoor terraces and grounds, winter gardens). The main thing is to choose the right type of equipment and options for their placement, so that a comfortable and efficient heating was carried out with the minimum costs. The following examples will help you select an infrared heater. Apartment For rooms with high ceilings and a series of suitable devices Elztrip ez 100 – a one-pane heaters for installation at a height of 2,5 – 4 meters. They used in commercial, office and residential buildings, showrooms, hospitals, etc.