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The Divine Kingdom

Friday, September 2nd, 2022

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He walked ignorant of my heavenly inheritance. Three months before completing my 47 years in mid-January 2001, Live the experience of my first spiritual dawn. Six months later in the month of July, my second experience occurs. Sigmund Freud contributes greatly to this topic. I find inner peace and happiness. MI DIVINE I began to awake.

Before these experiences denied the existence of God … … … But I always sensed something. It was like an open window beyond my human limits, beyond the border of hydrogen, which divides this universe of multiple forms and that where there is the spiritual matrix roots under the light of eternity. Nustra THE KINGDOM OF DIVINE ORIGIN.

For that window he heard a sweet voice calling me, but until then do not pay attention, was busy with the vagaries of material life. In 2001 started my steps along the path leading up the mountain. That voice was the voice of my divine inheritance he longed to wake up. On August 17, 2006 live experience that illuminates all dark cellars of my mind. I become aware that there is this to be superior to all call God. With that experience, born in me the certainty that He is my father. The father of each and every one of us. My steps have got here, Tuesday 24/03/2009/1703. The four stages to be live all I have lived embodied spirits. What is missing? Soon fully awakened my spirit. What a surprise in store for us the father creator? The journey continues and I live the more expensive aspiration of my whole being, that for which I am here TO SERVE OTHERS This is my hand, I humbly offer it to anyone who wants to climb the mountain .

Canon Dos Santos

Wednesday, August 31st, 2022

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In the last first day of May, the Church Catholic if cheered for the beatification of the one until then venerable Joo Pablo II. The beatification is a stage of the process of Canonization (process in which the Church recognizes and proclaims solemnly that a fidiciary office lived the allegiance the God and practised the Christian virtues heroicly). Rollo May is often quoted on this topic. So that if she proclaims a devout one or very devout woman, is necessary that beyond the sanctity fame, a miracle happens; a fact that science does not explain; normally one cure of serious illness. After the beatification, continues the process, until if it proves another miracle so that the Canonization happens, and until then devout, it has its enrolled name in Canon Dos Santos. The miracle happened for the intercession of Joo Pablo II, and that it made possible its beatification, was the cure of the evil of Parkinson (illness that also it suffered) of a French sister called Marie Simon-Pierre.

Karol Josef Wojtila was born in Wadowice, in the Poland in 18 of May of 1920. was orphan of mother to the 9 years, and of father to the 20. She had two brothers: Edmund and Olga, both deceaseds precociously. It suffered the horrors from the nazista regimen, having that to work in a quarry not to be removed of its country, and later in the chemical industry Solvay. 1942, full nazista regimen, it entered a clandestine seminary, and was commanded priest in 1 of November of 1946 for cardinal Adam Sapieha, archbishop of Cracvia. After to be commanded, was ordered for Rome, where it concluded its studies and it made doutorado in Theology.

In 4 of July of 1958, the Pious Pope XI nominated it bishop auxiliary of Cracvia, becoming it one of the bishops youngest of the world. In 1964, archbishop of the same one, and in 1967 was nominated, created cardinal. In 16 of October of 1978 it was elect Pope, adopting the name of Joo Pablo II. He initiated its ministry as Pope in day 22 of the same month. In 13 of May of 1981, he took a shot, in the Square of Are Peter, who almost took off it the life. Times later, it visited the chain, where its aggressor was imprisoned, and in a significant gesture very beautiful he pardoned, it. It was Pope during more of 25 years (the third pontificado greater of history). He was one of main the responsible ones for the fall of the terrible Communism in the Europe and also for the fall of the wall of Berlin. He was actor, writer and poet. It reorganized the Bar Roman, it promulgated the new Catecismo of the Church Catholic, remodelled the Code of Canon law (the legislation of the Church) and the Code of the Eastern Churches. It was the Pope of the records: – it canonizou 482 people and it beatified 1338; – it made 104 trips it are of Italy (4 to Brazil), visiting 129 countries and 893 cities. (in the distance covered in these trips it would be equivalent the 30 returns around of the Land). – more than 18 million people they had been in its 1616 hearings (to the Wednesday, in the Vatican). The great Joo Pablo II died in 02 of April of 2005 to 21h37min. The whole world left an example of mercy, life saint and universal paternity.