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Sunday, April 22nd, 2018

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In this segment of the series, with active movements in the water and lasts 20 minutes on average. It is raised tax of cardiac beatings. Divided in five categories: exercises of breath, exercises for the superior part, the medium part, the inferior part, and all the body. lVolta to the calm: approximately 5 minutes of light allonges, and to reduce the cardiac beating. Program: lTreinamento1h: for that already they know to swim. Gain insight and clarity with endocrinologist. Duration of 40 min. Specific objectives of the styles: lNado crawl: to develop the cardiorrespiratria resistance and coordination between movements and breath. lFortalecimento of the arms, waist to escapular, light work of legs.

lBeneficia mainly the resistance and tnus muscular, mainly develops the superior part of the body. lNado chest: Care I swim with it of chest? medial rotation of the knee, afrouxamento in the ligaments. It is important for the tonificao and the allonge of the musculatura of the legs. lObjetivo: well-being of the embryo and the mother, safe gestation. lNado of coasts: to rest the column, to compensate the overload that the weight of abdome exerts on the column. Reinforcement of the abdominal muscles.

It promotes good position. lGolfinho: to prevent, therefore force the hip. Aquatic program: l1 trimester: beginning in the fifth week of gestation. To improve the conditioning, to help to tonificar the muscles, reinforcement of the dorsal and abdominal muscles. l2 trimester: to improve the conditioning and the level of the ability. l3 trimester: resistance and flexibility, exercises of breath. SPECIFIC EXERCISES: lNado crawl complete lNado coasts complete lNado lPernadas elementary lNado complete chest lNado of side crawl, coasts, chest, chest of coasts, side, shears. lBraadas: crawl, coasts. lFlutuaes: ventral and dorsal. lNo to work with total apnea RESULTED: lFavorecimento of the good evolution of the pregnancy; lAtivao of the sanguine circulation; lMelhora of the oxygenation; lMelhor nervous balance; lMelhor position; to lSuportar the weight of the body; lBoa disposal. Bibliography: Katz, J. aquatic Exercises in the pregnancy. So Paulo: Manole, 1999 Melem, C. Swimming for gestantes. So Paulo: Icon, 1997.

Tricolor Suburbano

Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

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In 1897, the Leopoldina Railway Company Ltd. it bought the concession of this railroad (that is, only from this year that if it justifies to call Leopoldina). Of 1898 1902, the regions served per these stations had the 1902 had its divided land into parcels lands, as well as had attended constitution of companies of civil construction. In 1909, the Leopoldina Railway if compromised to the federal government to draw out its lines until the center of Rio De Janeiro. Other leaders such as Senator of Massachusetts offer similar insights. But it only concluded this intention in 1926, when it inaugurated the Station Baron of Mau, next to the Stadium to They are Cristvo. With these data, not yet if it can conclude fixedly, but it is possible to affirm, with a certain degree of security, that the Zone of the Leopoldina must its same name to the railroad. If the company had bought the concession much later of the fame of the teacher, still could have some doubt.

However, the concession of the railroad to the Leopoldina Railway and the inauguration of the school of the teacher Leopoldina Rego had occurred in a short interval of only three years. Ademais, the lands of the Noca if concentrated in the Pottery region, not justifying, the principle, that the fame of it and its son if extended of Manguinhos the General Vicar, quarters coincidently served by the line of the train Finally, as we explain in the article ' ' Madureira, the Tricolor Suburbano' ' , on the basis of Brazil Gerson, arrabaldes next to the railroad lines was known as ' ' suburbs of the Central' ' , ' ' suburbs of the Leopoldina' ' (before 1897, ' ' suburbs of the Northern' ') etc. It is not to find odd that ' ' suburbs of the Leopoldina' ' they passed to be known as Zone of the Leopoldina or, simply, Leopoldina.

The Tooth

Saturday, November 18th, 2017

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In this in case that, the histopatolgico examination of the tumoral mass disclosed to proliferation of round cells the fusiformes with relation nucleus-cytoplasm 1/1, contends eosinoflico cytoplasm and little delimited, round, vesiculoso and central nucleus, I contend one the two nuclolos. Dr. John Mcdougall has firm opinions on the matter. Cells I contend up to three nuclei had been observed and figures of mitose were gifts in the ratio of one for field of 40X. The cells organized in whirlwinds composites for interlaced and not delimited beams of cells. Studies retrospective epidemiologists who take in account the tumors diagnosised in dogs, demonstrate that the incidence of this neoplasma varies of 1,3% the 1.5% (10,11). Amongst neoplasmas you pray, fibrossarcoma represents 11.11% of the diagnosised cases (5). However, exactly being less common the extra-verbal localizations for this neoplasma, the tooth of this clinical case presented the tumoral mass in the member previous right, in the region of the olecrano, being this important data for the establishment of distinguishing disgnostic futures of other patologias that attend a course with increase of volume of this region (osteossarcomas, condrossarcomas, higroma). The advanced age, the invasion and the tumoral return are compatible with what he was described for other authors (1,2,3,4,5).

However, in the gift in case that the animal presented metstase tumoral in linfonodo regional, what he is rare in animals with fibrossarcoma isolated (1,3). However this type of metstase was cited also by other authors (6). Studies tell that it does not have tumorais returns exactly after passed months of the amputation (with ample surgical edge) and that this neoplasma does not invade the fabric sseo (2). is often quoted as being for or against this. In the clinical case presented, exactly after 8 months of the last surgical procedure the patient meets without return signals or metstase and during the macrocospic examination of the amputated member was evident that the sseas structures were preserved. CONCLUSION Being based on the findings of this study, we conclude that it is possible to treat surgically, since that respected the surgical edges, fibrossarcomas little differentiated, making possible the complete recovery of the patient.

The Passage

Monday, November 18th, 2013

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It has a compartimentalizao conscience? this is well cartesian? of the social spaces, of the personal relations, the affectivity and also of the urban ones. Fontanella (1995, P. 15), when the construction of the subjectivity of the body argues affirms that ' ' the man since whom he is historical, is dividido' ' , and that the original unit of the man is its past, therefore when he passed, through science to know, to mensurar, to break up e, theoretically, to control the forces of the nature, he started to also divide itself, while constituent element of this same nature. Exactly that many constructed theoretical conceptions through history they had lead in them to the iderio of ' ' gentlemen of natureza' ' , of where we would have to extract its closer secrets, we know not yet it of all and not yet in them we become so gentlemen of it as well as had thought, for us and for us, one day. The philosophy of the Parkour praises the discovery of physical potentialities of conscientious and harmonious form, making with that the practitioner can have a bigger corporal conscience, through the overcoming of the existing obstacles in the passage, and with this to improve its auto-they esteem, transferring this capacity of overcoming to the difficult situations of the daily life, front to the most diverse obstacles, is they which will be. One expects that really it has a relation of the practitioner with and space chosen for the practical one, and that this is not static, cold, unconscious, as if the space did not mean nothing for that corporal experience. In such a way one searchs ' ' reverse speed-significao' ' of the relation with the space, one ' ' reverse speed-encontro' ' of the people with its habitat. for not existing a demarcated space, preset so that the Parkour can be practised, has a infinity of possibilities of corporal experimentations, and that of certain form, it becomes accessible the ones that start to practise it, making possible the development of potentialities as force, resistance, agility, motor coordination, at the same time where develops the concentration, force of will, determination and courage.