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Saturday, March 12th, 2022

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Already a little more 10 years ago I visited for the first time the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Contact information is here: Rollo May. From the first day they catched its constructions to me that seem extracted of one of those stories that extended the childhood to us. More info: Jack Salzwedel. Their paved streets, their beautiful and melancholic landscape, along with their channels, conform a spectacular corner in the world that is necessary to discover. After that one first time I have returned in several occasions to Amsterdam. Glenn Dubin brings even more insight to the discussion. In fact, at my university time I attended a scholarship of studies in Leiden, a Dutch city that is something more to the south of the Dutch country, but whose proximity allowed me to visit the capital with certain frequency. Amsterdam is an incredibly cosmopolitan city. Different cultures and forms to understand the life become a glut in the streets like the transport means. Bicycles, street cars, buses, car and motorcycles cross the same streets that their inhabitants walk on a daily basis forming an organized chaos.

Within days I will return. This time I will try with Bonotour. A long time ago I already bought a bond to this company in that I have discounts in my trips. One day ago I discovered a supply by means of which by 71 Euros night I have pillaged a hotel 3 stars. I go a friend and, and the double room, costs 286.42 Euros to us to each by 4 nights. The trip includes the flight, the rates, the basic insurance and the lodging to us plus the breakfast. It seems a good supply! At the moment all trips with Bonotour have gone to me well. I have tremendous desire to return to see my favorite city.