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Saturday, March 17th, 2018

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Traditionally there is a longitudinal process, sectorized and staggered transmission of knowledge from the generation of basic knowledge to its practical application, the following linear diagram in medicine: research basic research clinic health care 10 years there has been a paradigm shift in medical sciences, after cyclic changes in the generation of knowledge and in the absence of definitive results from the different ways of understanding the pathophysiological process and pathogenic. The change has to do with the new concept of: systems biology and medicine of systems this concept of systems medicine derived from the biology of systems sets from a multidisciplinary approach involving expert agents external to medicine, but relating to the same (biomatematics, bioinformatics, bioengineers, etc), should propose mathematical models, by complex definition, which used the anatomophysiologic knowledge from the molecular level to the collective level, and interact together to achieve organic systems simulation, enabling intervention on them, and generate solutions to health problems, both individual and social (collective). Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of PCRM on most websites. Medicine in this model must be: 1. participatory 2.Pre dictiva 3.Custom 4.Prev entiva suggests integrating linear stages among themselves to establish a bidirectional model of interaction in order to accelerate and achieve timely implementation of knowledge, so far delayed, for the solution of problems..